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State Council Research Group to Quanlin Group Research

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On November 5, Zhang Tai, deputy director of the Department of Industry, Communications and Trade of the Research Office of the State Council, and Bi Junsheng, deputy director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led a research team to visit Quanlin Group. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group Accompanied the event.

Zhang Tai and his entourage successively visited the Quanlin Environmental Protection General Paikou, the Quanlin Fertilizer Exhibition Hall, and the Product Exhibition Hall. Through on-site inspections and listening to relevant reports, Zhang Tai and his entourage fully affirmed the comprehensive utilization of Quanlin straw. Zhang Tai pointed out that the comprehensive benefits of the straw resource recycling industry initiated by Quanlin are remarkable, which has found a way to systematically solve the increasingly severe resource and environmental problems facing my country, and to ensure my country's environmental safety, food safety, soil safety, and sustainable development of the paper industry. Way out. He hoped that Quanlin would unswervingly follow the road of comprehensive utilization of straw, further accelerate the industrial layout, accelerate product upgrading, enhance the independent innovation ability and market competitiveness of enterprises, and achieve faster and better development.

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Tranlin Group

Tranlin Group

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Quanlin Jiayou fertilizer

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Tranlin True Color

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