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Quanlin Group's US production base successfully laid the foundation

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10Month 22Japan, Quanlin U.S. production base successfully laid the foundation. Zhu Hong, Minister of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, Zhang Xiuyu, Deputy Mayor of Liaocheng City, and Li Hongfa, Chairman and General Manager of Quanlin Group, attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The American production site is located in the James River industrial center of Chesterfield County, Virginia, covering an area of 850Acres (about The patented technology of Quanlin will be applied to produce environmentally friendly household paper and high-quality fulvic acid fertilizer using local crop straw in the United States as raw materials. The base is expected to be completed in 2020 and will generate about $50 million a year after production.

2014In, McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, visited Quanlin for a field trip to learn more about the comprehensive utilization of straw in Quanlin, advanced environmental protection concepts and various products. He highly recognized the healthy and environmental protection characteristics of Quanlin's natural paper products and fulvic acid fertilizers and their development prospects in the international market, and said that the "Quanlin Model" meets the development needs of Virginia and proposes a number of preferential policies to invite Quanlin to invest and build factories there.

This time Quanlin's construction of a production base in the United States is mainly to use its own technology, product advantages and American raw materials, capital, and human resources to develop the international market. The United States has a huge paper consumer market,Its per capita paper consumption is 3 of China's per capita consumption.More than twice, especially household paper, per capita consumption is China's 5More times. And the general recognition and high-end positioning of environmentally friendly and healthy natural color paper products based on the comprehensive utilization of straw in the US market provides a good market environment for Quanlin to enter the high-end market in the United States. At the same time, the mature modern agriculture in the United States will also provide a broad market space for spring forest fulvic acid fertilizer.

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