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Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, went to Quanlin Group to investigate and encourage enterprises to give full play to their industrial advantages and speed up development.

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 10Month15On the 15th, Gong, deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee, visited Quanlin Group first during his investigation in Liaocheng.

Secretary Gong Zheng and his party visited Quanlin Environmental Protection Treatment Project, Product Display Table and Straw Pulp Vertical Continuous Cooking Production Line successively, and checked the leading products of enterprises such as natural color series paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, introduced in detail the main situation of the straw comprehensive utilization industry, scientific and technological innovation achievements and the characteristics of each product.

    In front of the booth, Secretary Gong Zheng showed great interest in the series of products produced by Quanlin using straw as raw material. He also paid great attention to and affirmed the food-grade safety performance of Quanlin's natural color household paper, the natural color cultural paper and the characteristics of protecting eyesight when reading this book, and the characteristics of fulvic acid fertilizer in promoting crop quality and production, improving soil, and reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

At the end of the visit, Secretary Gong Zheng fully affirmed the development model of comprehensive utilization of straw in Quanlin. He pointed out that the "spring forest model" has made outstanding contributions in three aspects: first, it solves the problem of straw collection and treatment, and reduces the problem of resource waste and environmental pollution caused by straw waste and incineration; second, it makes full use of the characteristics of crop straw to produce high-end natural color series paper products, which can not only replace wood pulp paper products to reduce wood felling, but also has great product advantages and broad market prospects. Third, and really turn it into a development advantage.

Secretary Gong Zheng also placed ardent expectations on the development of Quanlin. He said that Quanlin's straw comprehensive utilization industry not only has good development prospects in China, but also will be welcomed in the United States, Southeast Asian countries and other major grain-producing countries. In the next step, Quanlin should gradually expand the market abroad on the basis of doing a good job in the domestic market, so as to win a broader space for development.

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