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Quanlin Group's "Straw Vertical Continuous Cooking Pulping Technology" Passing the International Leading Technology Achievement Appraisal

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On March 20, Quanlin Group's "Straw Vertical Continuous Cooking Pulping Technology" passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of China Light Industry Federation in Beijing and was recognized as the international leading level, this is also the fifth patented technology that Quanlin has won the international leading technical achievement appraisal after "new technology of straw clean pulping", "research on technology of environmentally friendly straw natural pulp products", "research on technology of producing lignin organic fertilizer from straw pulping waste liquid" and "clean pulping technology of natural wheat straw pulp.

The appraisal committee is composed of Li Zhongzheng, professor of Nanjing Forestry University, Qian Guijing, vice president of China Light Industry Federation and honorary chairman of China Paper Association, Hu Nan, honorary chairman of China Light Industry Investment and Development Association, Chen Xuezhong, chairman of China Paper Association and China Paper Society, Cao Pufang, consultant of China Paper Association, Cao Zhenlei, professor of China Light Industry Group Corporation, Wang Zefeng, president of Shandong Paper Industry Research and Design Institute, cao Chunyu, president of China Pulp and Paper Research Institute, and Cheng Yanjun, director of Light Industry Environmental Protection Research Institute, are composed of 9 well-known experts in the industry. The experts of the committee listened to the project technology, testing, application, and novelty search reports, and reviewed relevant appraisal materials. The members of the expert group visited the production site on the spot. After questioning and serious discussion, they finally agreed that the technology "has obvious innovation and advancement. Sex and maturity, the project technology fills many gaps at home and abroad, and is an international leading level."

"Straw vertical continuous cooking technology" is an integrated patent technology independently developed by Quanlin, including 39 national patents, including 37 invention patents. Based on the actual situation of straw raw materials, the technology has developed automatic and efficient material preparation, vertical continuous cooking, straw multi-stage oxygen delignification and other technologies, forming a set of technology and equipment in line with the characteristics of straw raw material pulping, breaking through the bottleneck of large-scale straw continuous pulping technology and equipment. Compared with the traditional pulping technology, the cooking yield of this technology reaches more than 55%, the consumption of clear water per ton of pulp is 20m ³, the extraction rate of black liquor is ≥ 90%, the total efficiency of three-stage oxygen delignification reaches more than 62%, the production of AOX and dioxin is avoided in the production process, and the clean production effect is remarkable. Applying this technology, Quanlin has successfully built the world's first highly automated grass fiber production line-grass fiber vertical continuous steaming project, with an annual output of more than 100000 tons. The project has created a road for large-scale resource utilization of agricultural straw waste, reduced the consumption of forest resources, and reduced the air pollution caused by straw burning. The economic and social benefits are significant, the level of clean production is high, and the prospects for promotion and application are very broad.

In recent years, the technological innovation of Quanlin has achieved remarkable results. According to statistics, up to now has been declared a total of patents218Item (173patents granted,131An authorized invention patent), formed a systematic and integrated core technology system of straw clean pulping and papermaking circular economy, such as straw collection and storage, material preparation, pulping, papermaking, environmental protection, fertilizer manufacturing, ammonium desulfurization until the design and manufacture of equipment related to the industrial chain, and has been obtained.5The identification of international leading technological achievements, among which, "straw clean pulping and its waste liquid fertilizer resource utilization new technology" was obtained.2012The annual "second prize of national technological invention" is the highest technical award won by China's paper enterprises so far.

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