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The expert group of the National Development and Reform Commission visited Quanlin Group.

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On August 24, Lu Health, deputy director of the Industry Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and his entourage visited our company, accompanied by Xu Zhusheng, deputy inspector of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hong Yuzhen, deputy mayor, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company.

Lu Health and his entourage went deep into Quanlin Environmental Protection General Pai, 7400 Cultural Paper Project, Fertilizer Exhibition Hall, Phase I of 600000 Ton Pulp Project, Domestic Paper Workshop, Equipment Manufacturing Workshop, 6100 Workshop, Tianhe Packaging, Paper Making Workshop 8, etc. for field investigation and discussion in the company exhibition hall.

At the symposium, Li Hongfa reported to the expert group and his party the main content of the comprehensive utilization model of Quanlin straw industrialization and its significance in promoting agricultural development in the new era, controlling air pollution, and protecting the ecological environment, and focused on the introduction of fulvic acid fertilizers. The outstanding efficacy and mechanism of action in ensuring national food and soil security and reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Liu Rongle, deputy dean of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, analyzed the mechanism of fulvic acid fertilizer in stimulating crop growth, enhancing plant disease resistance and stress resistance, and the advantages of the comprehensive utilization model of spring forest industrialized straw from a professional point of view. He stressed that straw is very harmful after returning to the field. Now spring forest uses straw to obtain lignin, produce fulvic acid, and supplement it into the soil is the best way.

"The quality of the total discharge water from Quanlin is particularly good, and the indicators and treatment results are very stable, successfully solving the environmental problems that restrict traditional straw pulp and paper making. And Quanlin's circular economy development model based on the comprehensive utilization of straw has also found the right direction for China's straw pulp and paper making." Cheng Yanjun, director of the Environmental Protection Research Institute of Light Industry, fully affirmed Quanlin's work in environmental protection and industrial restructuring. In addition, Qian Yi, deputy secretary-general of the China Paper Association, made a detailed and in-depth analysis of the "Quanlin Model" and highly recognized the multi-win benefits of the "Quanlin Model.

Lu Health fully affirmed Quanlin's efforts in circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, technological innovation and its important contribution to the development of straw pulp and paper industry. He pointed out that under the current national policy and market environment, Quanlin has a lot to do in the comprehensive utilization of straw pulping and papermaking. He encouraged Quanlin to continue to focus on the development of circular economy, do a good job in environmental governance and energy conservation and emission reduction, coordinate and unify environmental and economic benefits, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger!

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