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The solemn statement of Shandong Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd. on the articles related to the consumer report

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In response to a recent report in Consumer Reports:Life paper evaluation: spring forest natural color paper detected more bacterial colonies ". Quanlin Paper was informed of the first time to start a comprehensive internal quality verification. For the colony data test results mentioned in the report, the special statement is as follows:

1. Quanlin natural color paper handkerchief and Vida BOBO FeelThe total number of bacterial colonies of other brands of paper handkerchiefs is far less than the relevant national standards, and they are all qualified quality products that fully meet the national standards.

2. Consumer Reports concluded, based on an unnamed so-called third-party testing agency, that the total number of bacterial colonies in Quanlin's natural color paper handkerchiefs reached 120 (cfu/g);According to the test report of Shandong paper quality supervision and inspection station in the same period, the total number of bacterial colonies in Quanlin natural color paper handkerchief is less than 10(cfu/g). We have great doubts about the authority and fairness of the test results.

3. For this false report and the adverse impact on Quanlin Paper, we reserve the right to take further legal action against the media "Consumer Report.

4. Quanlin Paper has always regarded quality as life, which is also the belief that every Quanlin person has always adhered. According to the recent test reports of the National Paper Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Dongguan Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Guangdong Province, Quanlin Paper's natural napkins, sanitary rolls, facial tissues and other household papers, all test indicators including the total number of bacterial colonies All meet national standards. Not long ago, the natural color household paper series products produced by Shandong Quanlin Paper won the FDA.(U. S. Food and Drug Administration) quality testing. This is another important quality shield obtained by Quanlin Paper after obtaining quality inspection in China and the European Union, and it is the best quality footnote for Quanlin Paper.

5. We hereby urge the mass media not to reprint and disseminate this false report.


                                       Shandong Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd.

2015 9Month 15

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