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Obtain the US FDA quality certification, Shandong Quanlin Paper re-up quality shield

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United StatesFood and Drug Administration (Food & Drug Administration),It is the most stringent and authoritative product quality inspection and testing organization in the world. It is known as the "patron saint of American health". The natural life paper series products produced by Shandong Quanlin Paper Industry have been continuously obtainedFDAQuality Certification3More than years. This isAfter obtaining the quality certification of China and the European Union, Quanlin Paper has obtained another important quality shield, which has made the best quality footnote for this domestic pioneer enterprise of natural life paper.

Through years of efforts, Quanlin Paper has developed and developed the natural color household paper based on the natural color pulp of crop straw, which effectively saves the original forest resources and protects the green and the environment in which human beings live. As soon as Quanlin Paper products were put into the market, they quickly gained the recognition and love of consumers, especially those who care about the environment and their own health, and established a certain market demonstration effect, attracting other manufacturers to move towards natural household paper.

Natural color household paper is characterized by the extraction of natural straw fibers such as wheat straw as raw materials, the whole process does not use chlorine bleach, to maintain the natural color of plant fibers, dust-free, no dandruff, no harm to the human body. And the traditionalWhite household paper manufacturers need to use bleached sofiferous wood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp. The pulping process is mostly sulfate method, and the bleaching process uses chlorine-containing bleaching process, so trace residues of dioxins are inevitably produced.

The natural color household paper of Quanlin Paper adopts special pulping process, which makes the fiber combination more closely. The sanitary roll paper and facial tissue paper produced by this high-quality process do not produce powder, lint, easy to tear and other phenomena, which can effectively protect the health of consumers. In addition, Quanlin Paper also controls the softness value of household paper, and takes into account the strength and softness of paper and dust factors to find the best balance between the three to meet the health and comfort requirements of consumers in many aspects.

From the perspective of environmental protection, the tensile strength of whole wood pulp household paper is mainly obtained from coniferous pulp, which is made of slow-growing coniferous trees such as pine and cypress, consuming a lot of valuable forest resources. On the contrary, spring forest natural life paper is made of whole crop straw. Quanlin Paper Group makes full use of the originally abandoned crop straw, turns waste into treasure, produces high-end household paper, and effectively reduces the waste of forest resources.

Calculated by carbon balance theory, each utilization.1tons of crop straw, can be reduced1.67tons of straw burning, I .e. reduction3.5Tons of CO2 emissions. Every production1Tons of straw pulp, can save4square wood, reducing carbon emissions by approximately7.32Tons of carbon dioxide. In addition,1Tons of crop straw natural disposal can produce1.31tonsCODand production.1tons of crop straw pulp generally produces only0.4KilogramsCODLess than three-thousanders of natural abandonment. Quanlin Group has always been adhering to the "green, environmental protection, low-carbon, healthy" business philosophy, and constantly produce high-quality household paper products for consumers.

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