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Virginia delegation to visit Quanlin Paper

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7On the 11th, the Governor of Virginia, Terrence McAuliffe, led the heads of the Virginia Department of Commerce, Agriculture and Forestry, Economic and Trade Development Department, and Chestfield County 12People come to visit Quanlin Paper.



You should be proud


McAuliffe and his entourage visited the construction site of the Quanlin Environmental Protection General Raikou, 7400's natural cultural paper project, 60Ten thousand tons of this color pulp project construction site, paper eight workshops, product exhibition hall. At the general discharge of environmental protection, when they saw the beautiful scenery of blue waves rippling and fish swimming in the shallow bottom of the spring forest wetland, the delegation was extremely excited. In the paper-making workshop 8 and the product exhibition hall, McAuliffe and others showed great interest in Quanlin's product production line and various products, and from time to time they expressed admiration.


"The American people are very fond of such products. There is a big market for such environmentally friendly and healthy products in the United States, and there is great potential in Europe and the world market. You should be very proud of your company!" After the visit, McAuliffe repeatedly sighed and said that he would also promote "Quanlin" household paper and other products on US national television and other media.


Hope to continue to expand cooperation


During the discussion, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Paper, briefed McAuliffe and his party on the development of the enterprise. He said that after years of exploration and practice, Quanlin has solved many problems, such as the low degree of intensification of straw collection and storage, the difficulty of pollution prevention and control of straw pulp and paper, the inability of straw pulp and paper to produce high-grade pulp and paper products, and the high dependence of high-end equipment on foreign countries, A mature straw comprehensive utilization circular economy development model has been formed, and a virtuous cycle mechanism of industry and agriculture with high efficiency, multi-benefit and strong sustainability has been constructed, which will have a great impact on China, the United States and the world.


Roy, president of the Asia-Pacific region of the Virginia Department of Economic and Trade Development, said that they very much agree with and understand Quanlin's development model. This concept of health, environmental protection, and sustainability is consistent with Virginia's development concept. The people of Virginia understand that there will be more job opportunities to come to the United States and will be able to work in Quanlin, a very great and advanced company.


McAuliffe said that they were very impressed by Quanlin's development model and advanced concepts. Virginia is a large agricultural state with abundant raw materials for production, which is very suitable for spring forest to expand its business in this area. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, so that Quanlin's rich, environmentally friendly and healthy products will be widely promoted in the US market and promote a win-win situation for both parties.


Zhang Jigang, deputy secretary of the party group of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and executive vice president of the Provincial Association for Friendship with Foreign countries, Zhang Xuanyu, member of the standing Committee of the Municipal CPC Committee and vice mayor, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, and some senior leaders of Quanlin Paper attended the event.

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