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Quanlin Jiayou Fulvic Acid Equipment Products Help "Bohai Granary" Won Wang Yang's Attention

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May 23On the morning of the 15th, Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, and his entourage went to the 10,000 mu saline-alkali land renovation test demonstration base in Wudi County, Binzhou City to inspect the implementation of the "Bohai Granary" science and technology demonstration project. Invited by the provincial science and technology department, quanlin, as the material support unit of the "Bohai granary" project in Shandong district, will display the products such as fulvic acid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer applicator and straw baler at the inspection site.


In the company's product display area, Wang yang inquired in detail about the product characteristics, use effect and market situation of quanlinjia fulvic acid fertilizer, and Guo liangjin, general manager of production and research of quanlinjia fertilizer company, reported one by one. When it is learned that fulvic acid is very helpful to enhance crop growth, improve soil environment, improve crop fruit setting rate and enhance crop stress resistance, Wang Yang can't stop nodding his head.


It is reported that the "Bohai Granary" science and technology demonstration project is a key project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is mainly aimed at 4000 in the Bohai Rim.More than 10,000 mu of medium-and low-yield fields and more than 1000 mu of saline-alkali wasteland are short of fresh water resources and barren soil. A number of grain production and efficiency demonstration areas have been set up in Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning and Tianjin in the low plains around the Bohai Sea to achieve the goal of increasing grain by 6 billion jin by 2017 and 10 billion jin by 2020.


"Quanlinjia fulvic acid products have achieved remarkable results in improving crop disease resistance, drought resistance, activating soil microbial activity, improving saline-alkali land and medium-and low-yield fields, and promoting crop quality and production. They can provide fertilizer support for the implementation of the' Bohai Granary 'project. Straw collection and storage equipment such as straw baler independently developed by Quanlin Paper will also effectively promote the efficient and large-scale collection of straw in the region," Guo Liangjin said.

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