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To attract customers with characteristics to build a brand with quality

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May 26-28On the 15th, Gaotang Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Quanlin Paper, brought "Quanlin's true colors" notebook, exercise books and other products to the "2014 China (Beijing) International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition". With the help of this platform, Quanlin fully demonstrated the products of the "Quanlin" book, further promoted the products and brands, and at the same time, through exchanges and discussions with the same industry and distributors, we learned about the current popularity and development trend of the products in the market of this book. it provides an important guarantee for the improvement of process technology and product design and the development and expansion of domestic and foreign markets.



This exhibition, spring forest showed a total of 8A series of 46 varieties of natural color notebook, 17 varieties of natural color work books and natural color electrostatic copy paper and other new products. With the product characteristics of green environmental protection, non-bleaching, non-whitening and non-toxic eye protection with crop straw as raw material, Quanlin natural color notebook and other products stand out in the whole exhibition hall, arousing the strong curiosity of the participants. Stationery and office supplies dealers from Beijing, Shanxi, Hebei, Tianjin and other places have come to consult and negotiate, among which there is no lack of "Quanlin natural color" household paper consumers and cultural paper customers. After understanding the company's product features and advantages, a local dealer from Beijing said that the current market urgently needs a differentiated product. "Quanlin natural color" notebook has environmental protection advantages in raw materials and healthy characteristics in finished products, which just meets the market demand.



It is understood that the "Quanlin" book of products has been highly sought after by the market since its launch. At present, the products have been successfully stationed in Jinan People's Shopping Mall, RT Mart Supermarket, North China 32A branch, and 47 branches of CR Vanguard Supermarket in North China.

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