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Quanlin Paper Straw Clean Pulping and Paper Circular Economy Demonstration Project Won China Industry Award

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Recently, the third China Industrial Awards, the highest award in China's industrial field, was announced at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing,Quanlin Paper Straw Clean Pulping and Paper Circular Economy Demonstration Project Won "China Industry Award"It has become the only paper industry enterprise project among 41 enterprises and 24 projects.




The China Industrial Award is the highest award in my country's industrial field approved by the State Council. It is jointly organized by the China Federation of Industrial Economics.A national industry association jointly organized and implemented it. After the procedures of declaration, recommendation, review, inspection, review, and publicity, it was finally submitted to the State Council for approval and evaluation once every three years. It is known as the "Oscar" of Chinese industry ". Li Yizhong, president of the China Federation of Industrial Economics and director of the China Industrial Awards Review Committee, pointed out at the commendation meeting that the winning enterprises and projects have made outstanding achievements in adhering to scientific and technological innovation, improving economic efficiency, rational use of resources, paying attention to environmental protection, implementing famous brand strategies, improving product quality, ensuring safe production, fulfilling social responsibility, strengthening enterprise management, and effectively exerting human resources, it has achieved "China leading" and "China creating", representing the highest level of China's industrial development.




Over the years, Quanlin Paper has adhered to the principle of "reduction, reuse and resource utilization".R principle, relying on technological innovation, in-depth research on the comprehensive utilization of straw pulping and papermaking, and developed green health products such as natural color household paper, natural color cultural paper, natural color food packaging, fulvic acid fertilizer, etc., and constructed a unique straw clean Pulping and papermaking circular economy development model, realized the scientific utilization of straw industrialization, and effectively promoted the clean production, circular economy development and technological upgrading of the industry, it also plays an important role in revitalizing traditional industries, promoting the construction of agriculture, rural areas and farmers and fertile soil projects.

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