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Quanlin Group Opens Configuration of Thousand Tons Point Baler in Outer County

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(Report from our newspaper) Recently, Dong Xuexin of Lepingpu Town, chiping county, the "old household" of straw collection and storage, was smiling and busy receiving 81 baler. Talking about the cooperation with Quanlin, Dong Xuexin said with great pride: "Many years ago, I was optimistic about the development of Quanlin. I recognized that the demand for straw in Quanlin would be very large. There must be a" money scene "in the straw collection and storage business in cooperation with Quanlin. Therefore, I took part in the straw collection and storage business early. This time Quanlin Group further reduced the collection and storage costs and risks for the collection and storage, at present, more than a dozen households in the surrounding villages are also striving to join the spring forest straw collection and storage team."


Quanlin Group delivered a total of 48 balers to Chiping County this time.Taiwan, is the first batch of collection equipment configured to thousands of tons of points outside the county. The distribution of these collection equipment, only require each thousand tons of points to provide relevant guarantee procedures, no need to pay equipment costs, Quanlin Group will be divided into five years in its delivery of straw payment in proportion to the deduction, after the cost of the baler ownership of the thousand tons of points to the person in charge of the operation. The implementation of this policy is generally welcomed by the person in charge of each thousand-ton point, which provides an important boost for the expansion of the thousand-ton point network of Quanlin Group and the rapid growth of straw collection and storage.


It is reported that Quanlin Group plans to spend 12 months outside Gaotang this year.At least 600 1,000-ton sites and at least 1800 straw balers have been set up in each county and city. Nearly 800 agreements have been signed on the construction intention of 1,000-ton sites, of which nearly 300 have been submitted with fast construction progress. The first batch of 100 balers was deployed in early April; the second batch of balers will also be in place in the near future.


In addition, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the thousand-ton point model and improve the scale of straw collection and storage, Quanlin Group has also taken three major measures: first, to win the support of the local county and township governments and agricultural machinery management departments, and to introduce supporting policies for the layout of the thousand-ton point network, land use, site construction, prohibition of straw burning and harvesters without crushing knives; The second is to increase the publicity of the model, by means of print media material publicity, market placement, TV advertising and other ways to publicize the straw collection and storage mode and support policies of Quanlin Group, more people are encouraged to participate in the straw collection and storage business; third, through cooperation with China Development Bank, Agricultural Bank and other financial institutions, strive for special loans for the construction of straw collection and storage network, and provide collection equipment and operating funds for 1000 tons of points.

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