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(News from our newspaper) On April 12, Wen Jianjun, Mayor of Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, and his entourage visited Quanlin Group, accompanied by Li Hongfa, Chairman and General Manager of Quanlin Group.

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(Report from this newspaper) Recently, the green printing certification applied by Quanlin Group Gaotang Printing Company passed the external inspection of Central United Certification (Beijing) Co., Ltd. At present, all the work of green printing certification has been completed, and it is estimated that 5The certification center will issue a green printing certificate in January.


The company since 2013The application for green printing certification began to be applied in August. In order to do a good job in this work, the printing company has set up a special department composed of a general coordination and personnel from production, supply, business, human resources and other related departments, apply for certification in strict accordance with the working procedures of green printing certification for printing enterprises (printing enterprises submit green printing certification applications-certification center accepts them-application enterprises carry out relevant system construction, on-site rectification, submission of various qualifications, etc.-certification center on-site acceptance-report to certification center-issuance of certificates). After eight months of hard work, it finally passed the audit and acceptance of Central United Certification (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


It is reported that green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, the printing process produces less pollution, saves resources and energy, and the printed matter is easy to recycle and recycle after being discarded, can be naturally degraded, and has little impact on the ecological environment. It is understood that the state will gradually implement the green printing certification system, and enterprises that have not obtained the green printing certification will not be able to obtain the production and processing qualifications of teaching materials.

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