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Quanlinjia has the effect of fulvic acid fertilizer to win the hearts of thousands of families

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(News from our newspaper) "If I had known the effect was so good, I should have used fulvic acid fertilizer on all zucchini plots," said Zhang Pao, a zucchini grower in Puzhang Village, Xin County, with "chagrin. It turns out that Zhang Preservation is a user of Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer of Quanlin Group. Last year, with the mentality of giving it a try, he used Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer on some of the plots. After only a few months of work, the fruit setting rate and disease resistance were obviously better than those without application, and he picked two crops early and sold well.


Just when the melon farmers in Puzhang Village were excited about the magical effect of fulvic acid in Jia, the large fruit and vegetable growers in the neighboring village could not sit still and began to use fulvic acid fertilizer in kidney beans, chili and other planting areas.


He Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer is popular everywhere. In addition to its strong fertilizer effect, farmers are still secretly calculating an economic account. Xu Yinfeng, a lentil grower in Xuzhuang, Xin County, is an expert grower. At the beginning of this year, he applied Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer to kidney bean fields. Later, he concluded that Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer has five effects: kidney bean has thick and strong roots, uniform growth and good appearance, increased yield, good taste, improved soil and reduced crop diseases and insect pests. More importantly, although the price of this fertilizer is relatively expensive, it can reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, increase the yield by more than 20% compared with previous years, and increase the income. At present, many neighbors and friends are also applying Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer under his enthusiastic recommendation.


It is reported that in order to verify the fertilizer effect of Jiayou fulvic acid and promote the product market promotion, Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company has actively cooperated with authoritative institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to carry out a series of product application tests, and has set up a number of experimental demonstration fields in the county, and has skillfully used large agricultural material collections and major exhibitions to increase the publicity and promotion of products. At present, the fertilizer effect of Jiayou fulvic acid of Quanlin Group is gradually being recognized by more farmers, competing to buy and apply. "Once farmers have applied Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer, they will be reluctant to let go. Now, Jiayou fulvic acid fertilizer has become a" sweet pastry "in the hands of farmers '." Quanlin Jiayou fertilizer company agronomist Liang Zhonglin introduced.

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