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Mexico "Father of Corn" Cruise to Spring Forest Group to visit the exchange

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On August 1, Mr. Cruise, president of Mexico Eitel Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and a world-famous corn cultivation expert, visited Quanlin Group for exchange. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, warmly met with Cruise and his party, and had in-depth exchanges with them on the mechanism of fulvic acid, corn planting experience, technology and strategic cooperation.

  "Really tooAmazing, you are really great!" Cruise first visited the Quanlin Environmental Protection General Pai Kou. When he saw the constructed wetland and the external drainage flowing through the ground with clear water bodies, lush aquatic plants, flocks of fish shuttling back and forth, and wild waterbirds playing and foraging, he was extremely excited and gave a thumbs-up compliment. In the exhibition hall of the fertilizer company, Huang Hongxing, operation director of Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company, introduced to Cruise in detail the production technology, product advantages and mechanism of action in ensuring national food security and soil security of Quanlin Jiayou fulvic acid, and conducted water solubility tests on site. Cruise was both surprised and delighted, even after witnessing the super water solubility of fulvic acid, he picked up a handful and put it in his mouth to "taste" it. "Although I came here this time, these are far beyond my imagination." Cruise said with emotion.

  It is understood that the Eitel company led by Cruise is the world's top corn planting company, which has created and refreshed the record of high corn yield in Mexico for 16 consecutive years. Since 2014, Eitel has signed cooperation agreements with Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shanxi and other provincial and municipal governments to provide full-process technical consultation and guidance services for local corn high-yield experimental fields. During the discussion, in addition to introducing its planting demonstration base, soil testing and fertilizer system and successful cases, Cruise also vividly explained the mechanism of fulvic acid in stimulating crop growth, enhancing crop disease resistance and stress resistance, improving soil, improving fertilizer efficiency and improving crop quality from the perspective of his own understanding. He said that fulvic acid is of great significance to the development of modern agriculture, and one of the cores of its high-yield technology is the application of fulvic acid in the process of fertilizer distribution.

  Li Hongfa briefly introduced the comprehensive utilization model of spring forest industrialization straw, focusing on the significant effects of spring forest fulvic acid products in promoting crop quality and production, improving soil, and reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.The cost advantage and the understanding of the development prospect of liquid fertilizer. Cruise is pleased to say that Quanlin fulvic acid provides a solution to the problems of high cost and difficulty in popularization of traditional fulvic acid products, and is a major event to promote the development of modern agriculture.

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