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The city's symposium on accelerating the deep integration of the two was held in our company.

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(News from our newspaper) On February 21, the city's symposium on accelerating the deep integration of informatization and industrialization was held in our company. At the meeting, our company's in-depth integration and development of the two was highly affirmed by the leaders and representatives attending the meeting.

Over the years, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and build a modern circular economy industrial system, the company has promoted the deep integration of enterprise informatization and industrialization from many aspects, deep angles and large spans.

The first is to deepen the application of information technology in the production process and realize the continuous improvement of the level of enterprise automation. At present, the company's pulp and paper process all adopt the domestic first-class DCS, QCS, PLC control system, to achieve the pulp process full automation and paper quantitative banner precise control, and plans to use more advanced automatic control system in the new project. At the same time, in the process control of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company has set up an online monitoring system and emergency electronic gates to realize 24-hour online monitoring of effluent water quality and real-time control of emissions, and actively implement the construction of an energy management and control dispatching center to realize the company's energy system Automation and digital management of all links such as production, transmission, distribution and consumption.

The second is to promote the integrated application of management information systems to achieve continuous improvement in enterprise management. Since 2000, the company has introduced and gradually improved the ERP system, continuously standardized and optimized the overall business process and authorization mechanism of the enterprise, and realized the centralized management of the group's financial data and the overall scheduling of the fund plan. On this basis, the company has built a group distribution management system to realize the whole process management of orders, scheduling, delivery, payment collection and inventory, effectively expand the group's existing business and sales capacity, improve work efficiency and reduce distribution costs; and establish BPM business process management system and online bidding system to comprehensively promote paperless office, realize the vast majority of production, office materials online procurement and bidding, bidding, bid evaluation, contract management and other business process digitization, networking, highly integrated.

The third is to implement the innovative application of the network marketing platform to realize the new change of enterprise e-commerce marketing. Since 2012, the company has started to build an e-commerce operation mode with household paper as a breakthrough. So far, it has successfully settled in the four major A- class e-commerce self-operated platforms of "Quanlin True Color" official flagship store, Tmall Supermarket, No.1 Store and Jingdong Mall, and nine major B- class e-commerce platforms of Tuotuo Gongshe, Excellence Amazon, Alibaba Chengxin and China Construction Bank Shanrong Business. At present, the company is building Quanlin e-commerce marketing channels through various operation modes of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2B and ABC.

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