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Provincial Economic and Information Commission Leaders Come to the Company for Research

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(News from our newspaper) On February 19, Zhao Shuling, chief engineer of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, came to our company to investigate the economic operation of the company in the first quarter and the transformation and upgrading arrangements this year. Xu Shishui, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, and Zhou Hengmin, deputy general manager of the company's projects, accompanied the activities.

Zhao Shuling and his party visited the company's 7400 natural color cultural paper project, fertilizer company, equipment company, 600000 tons of natural color pulp project, company exhibition hall, etc. Everywhere he went, Zhao Shuling asked in detail about the workshop's production capacity, product advantages, the production time of new projects and the economic benefits after delivery.

Through field visits and listening to reports, Zhao Shuling fully affirmed the development model and achievements of our company. He said that the "Quanlin model" benefits the country, the private and enterprises, is a successful model of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and has important reference and enlightenment significance. He hoped that the county government would try its best to help Quanlin solve the practical difficulties in its development and constantly promote the better and faster development of the enterprise.

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Tranlin Group

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