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Drought resistance effect of fulvic acid fertilizer in the company is remarkable

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(Report from our newspaper) On February 20, the company's chairman and general manager Li Hongfa accompanied Shanxi customers to the company's Yinji Town wheat experimental field to check the drought resistance effect of fulvic acid fertilizer. By field sampling and comparison, wheat with fulvic acid fertilizer showed significant drought resistance, and its growth was significantly stronger than other wheat without fulvic acid fertilizer.

Since October last year, the precipitation in our province has decreased significantly compared with the same period in previous years. Especially since December, the average precipitation in the province has been more than 90% less than that in the same period in previous years. Moreover, the soil of the wheat field directly returned to the field is relatively loose, and the water is easier to evaporate, which leads to a large area of drought in our province. In order to test the application effect of fulvic acid products, Jiayou Fertilizer Company conducted a drought resistance test of fulvic acid foliar fertilizer in the county.

By detailed comparison, the wheat applied with fulvic acid had a robust root system, more tillers, uniform size and good growth compared with the wheat not applied with fulvic acid. According to agricultural technicians, this is because fulvic acid fertilizer can reduce the stomatal opening of crops and reduce the transpiration of water. At the same time, fulvic acid can also promote root development, improve root activity, so that crops can absorb more water and nutrients under drought conditions.

It is reported that since January 14, 6473.5 mu of experimental fields have been built in 328 villages in Guhe, Yinji, Liangcun, Huixin, Zhaozhaizi, Jiangdian, Ryukyu Temple, Yangtun Township and other places, all of which have achieved remarkable drought resistance effect.

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