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(News from our newspaper) The Spring Festival is approaching, and the company's energy management system construction work has received good news. On January 25, the company's energy management system construction effect evaluation passed the acceptance of Liaocheng Evaluation Group with excellent results.

The effect evaluation activity was organized and carried out by the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, and the Municipal Energy Conservation Supervision Detachment specifically implemented it. Five experts were selected from the expert database determined by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission to form an evaluation team. In the evaluation activities, the experts first listened to the company's work report on the construction of the energy management system, and through inquiries and conversations, check work records, on-site visits and inspections, etc., respectively, the company's measurement, infrastructure, finance, supply, safety production and other departments And the production workshop was carefully reviewed. The evaluation team unanimously believes that our company has effectively planned the construction of energy management system, formulated energy policy, energy target, energy benchmark and energy management implementation plan, established a relatively complete documented management system, and carried out relatively effective control on the operation process and related activities. The system is reliable and effective, and meets the requirements of GB/T23331-2012 Standard. The evaluation result is excellent. It is reported that the evaluation team will also report the audit conclusions to the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, which will formally commend them below.

The company gave full play to the professional advantages of system management and energy management. On the basis of summarizing and reflecting on the weak links of energy management, the company formally established the energy management system in June 2013, gradually popularized and applied it in each unit, and completed the internal audit in November 2013, carried out rectification and improvement, and realized the fundamental transformation of the company's energy management from traditional energy indicators to energy values, and from results to processes, energy online control efficiency is fully reflected. In 2013, the unit comprehensive energy consumption of the company's machine-made paper was 411.17kg standard coal/ton, down 1.11 from the same period of last year. The water consumption of natural straw pulp is stable below 23m 3/ton pulp, and the energy consumption level of the enterprise ranks first in the industry.

The energy management system is a management system proposed by the China Institute of Standardization based on the research, implementation and promotion of national energy policies and norms. The construction of the energy management system will help promote enterprises to implement energy-saving measures and energy-saving technologies in a planned way in practice. In order to achieve the purpose of continuously reducing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. With the excellent achievements and experience of the evaluation of the construction effect of the energy management system, the company will carry out in-depth certification and audit of the energy management system in the next step, and actively strive for the support of various national incentives and fiscal and taxation policies.

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