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New Year's Day dedication

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Green back spring light gradually, Vientiane began to update! Holding the fruits of harvest and full of joy, we bid farewell to 2013 and entered 2014 with hope, longing, persistence and pursuit. On the occasion of New Year's Day, first of all, I would like to extend New Year's congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the cadres, employees and their families who have worked hard on all fronts, and to all leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of our company! I wish all leaders, comrades and friends a peaceful new year, a smooth work, a healthy family and all the best!


2013 is a year of great color in the development history of spring forest. This year, Quanlin accurately grasped the situation of the industry, strived to seize development opportunities, and closely focused on the core goal of making better and stronger enterprises and building an internationally competitive straw comprehensive utilization circular economy industry. we have deepened the implementation of the five major strategies of project expansion, scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection, marketing, and raw material collection and storage, and achieved the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise. Changes, large and small, have accumulated into real progress. If the day of realizing the "Quanlin Dream" is taken as the destination, then on the way to the destination, 2013 is undoubtedly a very critical scenery.


In the past year, it was a year of hard work and catching up with Quanlin people. 600000 tons of pulp, 7400, 5720, 6100, thermal power phase ii, jiamusi, dehui ...... one after another, the construction site is in full swing, the quanlin people with unprecedented running posture, in the leapfrog catch-up with the continuous progress.


The past year has been a year in which the people of Quanlin have taken advantage of the situation and have accumulated a lot. The sales volume of natural living paper doubled, the sales volume of natural culture paper increased by 60%, the sales volume of natural food packaging increased by 24%, the organic fertilizer products were successfully upgraded to biological humic acid with better performance and higher added value, and presided over the formulation of the industry standard "natural living paper"... The achievements are remarkable, the blueprint is exciting, and the people of Quanlin insist on differentiated competition and characteristic development, and stride forward on the road of fierce competition.


The past year has been a fruitful and confident year for Quanlin people. Second Prize of National Technological Invention, National Worker Pioneer, Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise, China Patent Excellence Award, China Standard Innovation Contribution Third Prize ...... One by one awards embodies painstaking efforts, one by one glory carries hope, and Quanlin people use unremitting efforts and persistent innovation to move forward step by step towards their ideals.


The past year has been a year of responsibility and emotion for Quanlin people. Improve the employee assistance system, set up the Quanlin Charity Branch; undertake the "Quanlin Natural Color Cup" My Letter 2013 National Prose Competition Awards Conference; undertake the second China Paper Equipment Development Forum ...... Focus on humanistic care, support traditional arts, promote industry transformation, Quanlin people faithfully practice the business philosophy of benefiting society, so that public welfare and benefits go hand in hand.


Looking back 2013, we have also faced changes and severe challenges, but we have finally succeeded in reversing the difficult situation and creating a new situation. Looking at the 2014, in China, which is in a profound transition period, we have product and industrial advantages that conform to the world trend, as well as the urgency to accelerate management upgrades; we have the confidence to break the waves, and we also have the worry of not advancing or retreating. But as long as we are good at seizing opportunities, giving full play to our advantages, being brave to forge ahead, and daring to face difficulties, we will surely realize the dream of making the straw comprehensive utilization circular economy industry bigger and stronger.


Business is good, everyone will be good. The future and destiny of every Quanlin person is closely linked with the future of the enterprise. Whether it is the dream of wealth, career, self-realization, or the dream of family peace, happiness, and prosperity, all dreams and thoughts must rely on unity and struggle and rely on hard work to prosper the enterprise. As long as each of us thinks more, does more, and takes a step forward, our company will go faster and closer to our dreams.


The new 2014 has arrived. Let's combine the progress of the enterprise with the great cause of the society, integrate the journey of life with the development of the enterprise, concentrate on our efforts, seize the day and night in 2014, and use the painstaking efforts of more than 10,000 spring forest people to achieve a more beautiful spring forest.

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