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Quanlin Hotel Won "Four Gold"

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(News from our newspaper) From December 29 to 30, the first "Taste Liaocheng" International Food Festival and "Shengshi Village" Cup Cooking Competition hosted by Shandong Cuisine Association and Shandong Tourism Hotel Association was held in Arcadia International Hot Spring Hotel Held. The Quanlin Hotel team participated in the competition and won two group gold medals and two individual gold medals.


At the event site, there were not only Liaocheng local cultural theme banquet display, but also Chinese traditional cooking stunt performance, cooking competition, snack appraisal, bartending performance and other projects, attracting experts in the national and even international catering industry. On the field, the hotel team gave full play to their skills and competed with more than 300 chefs from all over the country. After fierce competition, he finally won the gold medal of the competition group. The "Chaifu Banquet" with Gaotang Chaifu culture as the background won the special gold medal of creative design of cultural banquet. Zhao Shunmin, a hotel employee, was awarded the individual Saite gold medal, and Zhao Jiacun was awarded the individual gold medal. This is the hotel since the opening of the specifications of the highest award.

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