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Successful development of liquid wrapping paper

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News from our newspaper) After more than 40 days of equipment transformation, process adjustment and production debugging, recently, the company successfully developed liquid packaging base paper in workshop 8. This is another series of food packaging products developed by the company on the basis of the original coated paper production equipment and through the optimization of process technology and equipment transformation.


The product is a single-layer structure, from the inside to the outside are made of raw pulp production, and the market sales of three-layer structure (inside layer, core layer, surface layer) products, with good bending and cracking resistance, inter-layer bonding strength, box filling is not easy to leak, a wide range of applications and other characteristics, the indicators can be comparable to similar products in the United States.


In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food and beverage packaging has grown rapidly, and the food packaging industry has continued to develop rapidly. Due to the enhancement of people's environmental protection and health awareness, green packaging has gradually become a development trend, and food packaging has also entered the "paper age". Our company has grasped the industry trend and market demand, successfully developed a series of food packaging paper, and passed the QS certification of natural color food packaging paper in December 2013, filling the market gap of natural color food packaging paper products. At present, some of the company's food packaging paper has gradually entered the market, and has been favored by many companies such as Fanmei Packaging, Linyi Bihai Packaging, and New Jufeng.

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