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The company's straw collection and storage work to promote solid

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Raw materials are the source of the enterprise's industrial production chain, and the stable supply of high-quality straw raw materials is the basis for the company to achieve sustainable development and industrial scale expansion. So, this year the company's straw storage work progress? To this end, the reporter went to the front line to interview reports.

The collection rate of 70000 tons in the county is nearly 60%

This year, 70 standardized 1,000-ton sites have been newly built in our county, with a total storage area of more than 1400 mu, all of which have short-term storage capacity. According to preliminary research, the average collection volume at each collection point is over 600 tons. With the addition of wheat straw collected and stored at some temporary collection points, the wheat straw collection and storage in our county is expected to exceed the 70000 tons mark this year, an increase of more than 40% over last year. The collection rate of wheat straw is nearly 60%, and the quality is excellent. In terms of standardized construction of thousand-ton points, the company uniformly configures signs, builds office buildings according to standards, and uniformly purchases collection and storage equipment such as weighbridges, trucks, and balers, and provides services such as financing, technical guidance, and insurance procedures. As a result, the thousand-ton point is gradually developing in the direction of standardization, scale and specialization, and the company's collection and storage system is more refined and intensive. In addition, with the support of the municipal government, the company took chiping as a pilot to promote the mature collection mode and supporting administrative measures such as "knife unloading" and "low cutting", and built 48 standardized 1,000-ton points, significantly enhancing the collection and storage capacity, which became an important attempt for the company to replicate and promote the collection and storage mode in the region.

Mechanization gradually popularized bundled straw up to 70%

This year, the company advanced nearly 10 million yuan, self-made and newly purchased 120 baling machines, and distributed the rest to 1,000 tons of points in the county in the form of "deposit of each 20000 yuan, and payment in installments", greatly improving the efficiency of mechanized collection. After investigation, more than 120 balers have been purchased by each collection point in our county, and the amount of straw packed has reached more than 70%. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of each 1,000-ton point baler, the company and the baler manufacturer jointly allocated 6 groups of maintenance teams with a total of 30 people to go deep into the wheat harvest line to provide guarantee for the continuous operation of the baler. Baler operation is also welcomed by the majority of farmers. "It turned out that when the wheat was harvested, the straw was collected and thrown to the ground on its own. Now it's really convenient to use a baler, it's pretty clean and fast, and you can hit an acre of land in 10 minutes, which not only facilitates the next crop, but also makes money when the straw is sent to a thousand tons of points!" During the interview, a villager in Huangquan Village, Liangcun Town, told reporters happily. In addition, the company has also developed corn stem spike collection device, picker and other straw collection equipment, in order to achieve the diversification of straw collection, efficiency and speed up the straw collection mode of large-scale promotion provides an important support.

"Green channel" is wider, smoother and more convenient

Through the county government's coordination of transportation, highway, environmental sanitation, law enforcement and other departments, the company has designated special transportation lines for wheat straw transportation vehicles, which will not be checked or deducted, and no fines will be imposed for major violations, thus effectively reducing the transportation burden of collection households. A total of 95 straw-specific large tractors were transferred from Xin County, Qihe, Donga and other places to transport wheat straw, improved the collection point by small tractors and tricycles transport high cost, low efficiency of the situation. In view of the problem of long waiting time for transportation vehicles during wheat harvest, the company has designated a special straw transportation line to shorten the unloading time. Through measures such as issuing sequence numbers and allocating according to the planned quantity, the company has avoided acts such as congestion and acquaintance release, thus ensuring fair and efficient transportation order. During the wheat harvest period, the company implemented 24-hour collection and storage services and "three instant and one public" (instant inspection, instant unloading, instant settlement, public miscellaneous deduction) and other measures to improve the efficiency of collection and storage during the wheat harvest period and create a fair and efficient collection and storage environment.

Straw quality inspection, storage effect is obvious

As the saying goes, seven points to beat pulp, three points to make paper, and the quality of pulp depends largely on the quality of raw materials. This year, the company has strictly grasped the quality of wheat straw through measures such as inspection at 1,000-ton points, preliminary inspection by grade inspectors, double-layer inspection by quality inspection team, and reinspection of retained samples. Of course, miscellaneous deduction is only a means, not an end. How to raise the entry threshold of wheat straw and let more "miscellaneous" wheat straw enter the workshop is a more worthy question. In terms of wheat straw storage, the company has also taken many measures at the same time, such as strengthening the training of wheat straw stacking skills, sorting the stacking shape, covering tarpaulins, and strengthening the inspection of the stock yard. "The cost of pressing a layer of wheat straw on a straw pile in the stockyard is 8000 yuan, and the basic wheat straw needs to be covered with new wheat straw for one year in the wind and sun. Now each pile can be solved by only one nylon net of 1000 yuan, and it can be used for two years. The cost is controlled and the waste is reduced." Wang Xingzhen, head of the post group of the planning and purchasing department, told reporters. This year is the first year that the company's straw collection and storage model has been officially promoted on a large scale in our county, and it is also the year in which the company has the largest support and investment in thousand-ton points. The successful implementation of the company's collection and storage model in the region has become a strong support for large-scale promotion to other regions.

Up to now, the company has set up 720 collection and storage points in Liaocheng and surrounding areas. In the second half of the year, the company will start to popularize the collection and storage mode in Heze, Jining, Xuzhou and other areas in southwest Shandong, where wheat straw resources are relatively rich.

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