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2013 National Prose Contest Awards Conference and Signing Writer's Pen Meeting Held in Quanlin

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From June 14 to 17, "Quanlin's true colors cup" my letter 2013 the national prose competition award ceremony and the contract writer pen meeting was held ceremoniously in Quanlin hotel. Major General Li Cunbao, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, A Cheng, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Writers Association and vice chairman of the Heilongjiang Writers Association, Balji Yuan Ye, vice chairman of the Liaoning Writers Association, and Zhao Depa, vice chairman of the Shandong Writers Association, from all over the country More than 60 writers and scholars attended the meeting.

On the morning of June 15, the participating writers and scholars visited the company's Hongkang Packaging, Tianhe Packaging, and Environmental Protection General Paikou, and had a discussion in the company's exhibition hall. During the visit, everyone was particularly shocked by the strange scenery of the company's environmental protection chief, which was rippling with blue waves, swaying aquatic plants and swimming with fish at the shallow bottom. They bluntly overturned their traditional understanding of paper-making enterprises. A Cheng repeatedly praised: "It's really a wonder on earth!" During the discussion in the exhibition hall, Li Hongfa systematically introduced the company's circular economy development model with comprehensive utilization of straw as the core, and pointed out that the level of environmental protection is ahead of developed countries, realizing large-scale and efficient utilization of straw, breaking the traditional cognition that straw pulp cannot produce high-grade paper and paper is as white as possible, and applying humic acid fertilizer to improve farmland ecology and ensure food security are the real significance of the "spring forest model. After listening to Li Hongfa's speech, Li Cunbao, A Cheng, Zhao Depa, and others talked freely about their feelings about the visit. Li Cunbao pointed out that ecological deterioration and weakening of human nature are the two major problems of the Chinese nation at present. As an enterprise, Quanlin's outstanding contribution lies in the protection of green mountains and green waters and life, in having social conscience and showing the truth and beauty of human nature. A Cheng also commented that Quanlin had solved the problem of papermaking pollution and had great merit. The writers and scholars attending the meeting expressed that they would use words to extol the legend of Quanlin papermaking to the world. Afterwards, the participating writers, scholars and Li Hongfa had in-depth exchanges on issues such as enterprise technological innovation, development model promotion, and product upgrades. There were questions and answers on the spot, and climaxes were repeated.

On the afternoon of June 15, the award ceremony and the pen meeting of contracted writers were held in Quanlin Hotel. Liu Ying, deputy head of Gaotang County, presided over the meeting. Wang Yanan, member of the Standing Committee of Gaotang County Party committee and Minister of publicity, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, delivered speeches respectively. Jiang Jianwei, director of the organizing committee of the China Prose Annual Conference and executive editor-in-chief of "Selected Essays • Second Half Month", announced the winners of the prose contest on behalf of the organizing committee. In the cheerful music, the leaders and experts at the meeting presented certificates and bonuses to the award-winning writers, and issued letters of appointment to the writers who signed the "Selected Essays • Second Half of the Month" in 2013. The meeting also held a book donation ceremony. Jiang Jianwei and Li Hongfa, as the organizers and organizers of the conference, donated 3000 books to 6 middle schools in Gaotang County. During the meeting, Li Cunbao, A Cheng, Ji Dongliang, Zhao Defa, Li Yuanshan and other famous artists also gave wonderful lectures to literature lovers. The atmosphere of the whole lecture was lively and warm, and bursts of laughter and applause broke out from time to time. During the meeting, the company's e-commerce department also launched the "He Quan Lin's True Color Cup, Another Wave of Environmental Protection" activity, which was broadcast live on Weibo.

According to statistics, in the five days from June 11 to 16, the number of Weibo fans increased by 34476, the number of participants was 20112, the number of readers was 383316, and the number of participants was 37559, which caused great repercussions on the Internet. After the meeting, Li Kuchan Art Museum, Li Qimao Art Museum, Sun Dashi Art Museum, Qingping Ancient City, Xingguo Temple in Liangcun, and Chaifu Garden were also arranged. This event was sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the China Prose Annual Conference and the "Selected Prose • Second Half of the Month" magazine, and hosted by our company, attracting more than 400 people to participate in the conference.


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