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The company's natural life paper successfully won the bid for Yili cow wipe paper project.

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On April 24, after online registration, qualification access application, sample provision, on-site qualification examination, online bidding and other processes, the company successfully won the bid for Yili cow wipe paper project and formally reached cooperation with Inner Mongolia Yili Group.

It is understood that the eligibility criteria for this bid are very high. As the company produced cow wipe paper for the first time, some indexes did not meet its requirements at the stage of providing samples. However, Yili Group made an exception to give the company three sample opportunities and postponed the bidding date by one month so that the company could adjust several key indexes after learning that the company's natural household paper was not bleached, did not contain dioxin and met the European and American food-grade testing standards. In the end, the company's natural life paper by virtue of its health, environmental protection characteristics to become one of the three winning enterprises.

The winning of the bid is of great significance, not only opened the company and Yili Group cooperation, for the two sides to further carry out business customization, joint promotion and other business conditions, but also innovative research and development of cow wipe paper products, for the company to open up the national cow wipe paper market has laid a solid foundation

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