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Green Fortune Forum Opens in Beijing "Spring Forest Model" Won General Attention

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On December 22, the "6th Green Wealth (China) Forum and Regional Economic Green Transformation and Environmentally Friendly Technology Industry Development Summit" was held in Beijing. The conference was co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences and the Shandong Society of Environmental Sciences. Zhang Lijun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection of China, and Wang Yuqing, deputy director of the human resources and Environmental Protection Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Our company as the environmental protection department of shandong province environment-friendly technology and products key enterprises were invited to attend the meeting.

The "Green Wealth Forum" was founded in 2005 and has become an important platform for all sectors of society to carry out academic exchanges, policy discussions, and technology product promotion around the theme of green economy and green wealth creation, and has had a certain impact on society and industry. With the theme of "economic green transformation, development of environment-friendly technology and environmental protection investment and financing exchange", the forum focused on the relationship between green economy and industrial development. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, was awarded the honorary title of "National Environmental Protection Public Welfare Image Ambassador". He Muwen, deputy general manager of the company, attended the meeting on behalf of President Li. And delivered a speech on the theme of "straw clean pulping and papermaking circular economy 'spring forest model.

In his speech, he Muwen introduced the development of the "spring forest model" of straw clean pulping and papermaking circular economy to the participants, and made a detailed analysis of the important role and strategic significance of the "spring forest model" in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in combination with the development trend and resource status of the paper industry, And conducted in-depth exchanges with the participants on the technology, product innovation and future ideas of the model. During the meeting, many experts and leaders had a strong interest in the "spring forest model" and planned to organize a field trip to our company in the near future.

According to relevant leaders attending the forum, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is an important starting point for China's green development. China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period of the whole social environmental protection investment will reach 3.4 trillion. It is estimated that the output value of the three industries of energy conservation, environmental protection and resource recycling will exceed 4.5 trillion yuan in 2015, and the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will become an important pillar industry in my country.

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