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National Development and Reform Commission expert group research demonstration company 1.5 million tons of straw comprehensive utilization project

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On July 27, entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, an expert group composed of Xiong Bilin, deputy director of the Expert Academic Committee of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, and Le Youhua, deputy director of the Petrochemical Textile Development Department, came to our company to investigate and demonstrate the 1.5 million-ton straw comprehensive utilization project. Yan Zuoxi, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Li Xixin, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Director of the County People's Congress Huo Plateau, Liu Jixing, company chairman and general manager Li Hongfa accompanied the investigation.

In the morning, the expert group went deep into Quanlin Thermal Power Company, 10 billion reserved places for environmental protection tableware, household paper workshop, 60Ten thousand tons of native paste reserve, 135 pot workshop, Jiayou Fertilizer Company, advanced treatment project, aerobic biochemical project, environmental protection general discharge port, Nanwang Reservoir, Tianhe Packaging, 3700 workshop and group exhibition hall, etc. to learn more about the company's successful experience in implementing the technology development and production practice of comprehensive utilization of straw system.

At the project evaluation and research symposium held in the afternoon,Yan Zuoxi and Li Xixin delivered welcome speeches respectively,Li Hongfa reported in detail the basic situation of the company and the background of the project construction to the leaders and experts attending the meeting. China Light International Engineering Co., Ltd., the Environmental Protection Research Institute of Light Industry and the Provincial Bureau of Hydrology and Water Resources respectively introduced the application report, environmental impact assessment and water resources of the project in detail. The relevant responsible persons of the company's raw materials and organic fertilizers introduced the raw material supply of the project and the application of organic fertilizers. According to the relevant introduction and on-site inspection, the expert group held another two-day internal exchange and discussion.

After nearly three days of evaluation and demonstration, July 30On the morning of the 15th, the expert group held an evaluation and investigation summary meeting. The expert group agreed that the technologies and applications of ammonium sulfite pulping, organic fertilizer produced from pulping waste liquid, natural wheat straw pulp and paper making, lunch box making and other technologies adopted in the project fully reflect the policy advantages of circular economy and green environmental protection, provide new methods and processes for the use of straw in China, and make the scale of straw pulp and paper decreasing year by year have the prospect of development, it sets a model for the comprehensive utilization of agricultural residues such as wheat straw.

Finally, on behalf of the expert group, Le Youhua made four points on the significance of the project. He said: first, Quanlin Paper has indeed made great breakthroughs in all aspects of technology in the field of grass pulping and papermaking, which has completely changed our previous view of "serious pollution of wheat straw pulp. Under the appeal of Quanlin Paper, the state has incorporated the rational use of straw pulp into the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and industrial policy, from the original mention of "control" to the current clearly proposed to develop this use of cleaner production technology to produce straw pulp industry. The comprehensive utilization of straw in Quanlin Paper has opened up a new way for China's paper industry to solve the problems related to fiber raw materials, and has made contributions to reversing the development direction of straw pulp. Second, the project actually creates income for farmers, and the pulling effect of the whole industrial chain is very obvious. Third, the project has found a good way out for the resource utilization of crop straw in China. Modern technology, modern factories and modern equipment have played a good exemplary role. Fourth, the project truly uses practical actions to advocate green consumption. This should be the first case in my country. It is in line with the national industrial policy and the development concept of green consumption, health and environmental protection in the "21st" century. It is of great significance.

It is reported that the expert group will sort out relevant opinions according to the on-site investigation and evaluation, and form an evaluation report to the National Development and Reform Commission for review.

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