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Quanlin natural life paper selected national green manufacturing list

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Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China announced the third batch of green manufacturing list. A total of 391 green factories, 480 kinds of green design products, 34 green parks and 21 green supply chain management demonstration enterprises were listed on the list. Three types of "Quanlin natural color" toilet paper, toilet paper and kitchen tissue were successfully selected as "green design products".


In order to implement the industrial green development plan (2016-2020) and the implementation guide of green manufacturing project (2016-2020), create advanced models of green manufacturing, lead the industrial green transformation in related fields, and accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China has organized and carried out the recommendation of green manufacturing demonstration list since 2017, Three batches of green manufacturing demonstration lists have been determined. Quanlin Group was selected as the first batch of "green factories" in 2017 ".

It is reported that the enterprises selected for the green manufacturing list will receive national policies and special financial support, and the provinces will also strengthen the connection between the green manufacturing list and relevant industrial policies according to the requirements, actively support advanced green models, and lead the green transformation of the region. At the same time, "green design products" can be in accordance with the "ecological design product logo" national standards to paste their own logo.

"Quanlin Natural Color" household paper is a national key new product of Quanlin Group that applies international leading patented technology to extract natural crop straw fiber production, which is environmentally friendly, healthy and safe. The products have passed the national "Ecological Origin Product Protection", "China Environmental Mark Products", and "China Health and Safety Products" certification, and meet the food-grade testing standards of authoritative institutions such as the US FDA and the European Union AP. Favored by consumers who are enthusiastic about environmental protection. In this year's "Double Eleven" event, "Quanlin's true colors" set another record, with 24-hour sales exceeding 0.108 billion yuan, ranking first in the natural color paper category for five consecutive years.                           

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