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Quanlin Group Drafted "Fulvic Acid Potassium" Industry Standard to be Wholesale

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China issued an announcement that the "Fulvic Acid Potassium" industry standard drafted by Quanlin Group, Shandong Innovative Humic Acid Technology Company, Jinzhengda Group and Quanlin Jiayou Modern Agriculture Company has been released. The standard will be fromOfficially implemented on April 1, 2019.

The industry standard of "Potassium Fulvic Acid" specifies that potassium fulvic acid is divided into mineral source potassium fulvic acid and biological source potassium fulvic acid according to the source type of raw materials, and specifies its appearance, technical index requirements and test methods respectively, filling the gap in the industry. This will not only further promote the healthy and standardized development of humic acid industry, but also play an important role in promoting the promotion and application of straw source fulvic acid products of the company.

Fulvic acid is the strongest and the most essential part of humic acid. Its effects on weight loss, soil improvement, quality improvement, and yield increase have been confirmed by many studies. However, due to its limited raw materials and high cost, its promotion and application are limited. It is rarely used in agricultural production. Quanlin Group pioneered the technical path of extracting straw source fulvic acid from crop straw, which not only effectively solved the problem of recycling straw resources, but also greatly reduced the production cost of fulvic acid. It provides an effective way to achieve the reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the increase and quality of agricultural products, the improvement of cultivated land quality, the treatment of heavy metal pollution, the improvement of saline-alkali land, and the ecological restoration of grasslands.

On September 26, 2017, Quanlin Group's "characteristics and application of straw source fulvic acid" technology was rated as "international leading". Wan Jianmin, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and other authoritative experts in the industry unanimously evaluated the "research results and the series of products created are pioneering and innovative, with great prospects for popularization and application, ranking the international leading level of similar research, It can effectively solve the problem of straw resource recycling, in order to provide an effective way to realize the zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the construction of agricultural ecological environment in China, it is suggested to expand the application scope of straw source fulvic acid products and speed up the popularization and application of technology and products".

At present, the spring forest fulvic acid has been in the domesticIt has been applied in field crops and cash crops in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and has participated in the implementation of a series of government demonstration projects, such as fulvic acid demonstration and extension project, cultivated land quality improvement project, northeast black land protection project, and has obtained the certification of organic agricultural inputs in China, Europe and the United States, and exported to European and American markets.

The breadth and depth of standardization profoundly affects the speed and quality of development, and reflects the innovation ability and even the comprehensive strength of an enterprise.Since 2005, starting from the development strategy, Quanlin Group has systematically implemented standard research, standard revision, standard implementation and other work, and explored the construction of a standardized construction path with Quanlin characteristics. Up to now, Quanlin Group has presided over or participated in the formulation of 38 industry or national standards. It is in a leading position in the technical industrialization fields such as straw pulp and paper products manufacturing, straw source fulvic acid, straw raw material environmental protection, etc., and has mastered the initiative and right to speak in the industry technology development, to make positive contributions to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, standardizing product technical standards and increasing the supply of green and high-quality products.


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