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Quanlin Group Participates in 2017 Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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3Month 9From March 11 to March 11, the 2017 Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition hosted by Shandong Paper Industry Association and Shandong Printing Materials Company was grandly held in Shandong Machinery and Equipment Exhibition Center. Quanlin Group was invited to participate in the exhibition and received widespread attention and praise.

Zhao Wei, chairman of China Paper Association, Hu Peng, general manager of Shandong publishing media Co., Ltd., Wang Zefeng, President of Shandong paper industry association, leaders of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and other relevant paper associations, and heads of relevant departments of provincial organs attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition stand of Quanlin group. The staff of Quanlin Group introduced in detail the outstanding achievements of the group in circular economy and technological innovation, and systematically expounded the connotation, extension and significant social, economic and environmental benefits of the "Quanlin model.

This paper exhibition attracted 17More than 180 enterprises from various countries and regions participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 12000 square meters, bringing together famous domestic and foreign enterprises such as Quanlin, Chenming, Huatai, Sun, VOITH, ABB, Stonewood/Xibei, Pangsai in Finland, Mubao in Germany, CNG in the United States, Changhua, Chenzhong and Stars.

Exhibition site,The healthy and environment-friendly products exhibited by Quanlin Group, such as natural cultural paper, natural household paper, natural food packaging and fulvic acid fertilizer, have attracted the attention of participating leaders, experts, industry colleagues and consumers, and there is an endless stream of consultation and exchange in front of the booth. During the exhibition, the staff of the group also introduced to the visitors the comprehensive utilization mode of high-value straw in Quanlin and its significant role in carbon emission reduction, water pollution prevention and control, green ecological agriculture development, food safety and other aspects, which won wide acclaim.

Self -2003So far, Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition has been held for 15 consecutive sessions, and has become an indispensable gold mining feast for industry manufacturers, distributors, agents and retailers. This exhibition provides the best platform for information exchange and trade negotiations, helps to understand the latest market demand, and lays a good foundation for Quanlin Group to further promote and sell natural paper products and enhance brand awareness.

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