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U.S. Soil and Fertilizer Management and Sustainable Exchange Group Visited Quanlin Group for Exchange

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6Month 30From July 2 to July 2, Mark Stephen Reit, a professor at Virginia Tech, led a delegation to visit Jiayou Fertilizer Company to exchange views on soil fertility management and other issues. There are four visiting points in this visit to China. The first stop is Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company. Huang Hongxing, Operation Director of Quanlin Jiayou Fertilizer Company, Guo Liangjin, General Manager of Technology Research and Development, Yang Maofeng, Vice President of Technology, etc. accompanied the activities.


The delegation visited Quanlin Group's Environmental Protection General Paikou, Ecological Wetland, Fertilizer Exhibition Hall, Group Product Exhibition Hall and Domestic Paper Workshop successively. They also went to Quanjuyuan Farm, Dongxiaoguantun Village in Zhaozhaizi Town and 15-lipu Vineyard in Huixin Office to check the application effect of "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer in Quanlin on site.


Subsequently, the exchange group held a four-hour discussion in the conference room of Jiayou Fertilizer Company. In the discussion, Huang Hongxing systematically expounded the comprehensive utilization of straw in spring forest, circular economy industry and intensive straw storage mode. Guo Liangjin introduced in detail the product classification, characteristics, efficacy and application effect of Quanlin "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer. The delegation showed great interest in the "Spring Forest Model" and the efficacy of fulvic acid fertilizer, and analyzed the sales prospects of Spring Forest "Jiayou" fertilizer in the U.S. market. Mr. Mark pointed out that the circular economy model of comprehensive utilization of spring forest straw is very in line with the "taste" of the American market, which can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also improve soil fertility and crop quality, and has great potential for development in the American market. Quanlin's environmental protection concept and "Jiayou" fulvic acid fertilizer will be very popular in the United States. Finally, the two sides also exchanged views on how to further communicate,Cooperation was strengthened and consensus reached.

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