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Vice Governor Zhao Runtian and his party came to Quanlin Group for investigation.

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On the morning of June 8, Zhao Runtian, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, Wang Jinbao, Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, and Hou Chengjun, Director of the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative Council, visited Quanlin Group to investigate the test and promotion of fulvic acid fertilizer.


Governor Zhao Runtian and his party first came to Quanjuyuan Farm, the experimental base of fulvic acid fertilizer in Quanlin, to visit the modern planting greenhouse. Governor Zhao Runtian praised the wide range of fulvic acid fertilizers. Governor Zhao Runtian said happily: "Fulvic acid is widely used. I didn't expect it to have such a good effect on vegetables."

At the symposium, Chairman Li Hongfa briefly reported on the importance and impact of the fulvic acid industry. The Quanlin fulvic acid refined fertilizer return plan is to reduce straw burning, carbon emission reduction, and improve food quality, increase production, reduce chemical fertilizers, reduce pesticides, and arable land. The quality improvement and other issues provide a package of solutions. Quanlin will continue to increase the promotion of the fulvic acid industry and contribute to agricultural development. Director Wang Jinbao and Director Hou Chengjun respectively reported on the development of fulvic acid and the effect of Quanlin fulvic acid on Shandong agriculture.

Zhao Runtian pointed out that the efficacy of fulvic acid fertilizer in enhancing crop resistance, increasing agricultural production, increasing fertilizer utilization, and reducing soil pollution has been recognized by experts. After various experiments, it has the technical conditions for promotion. In the next step, one must expand the pilot. Expand the scale of the pilot, enhance persuasiveness, increase coverage, subdivide regions, markets, and varieties, and fully cover the 17 cities in Shandong; second, we must formulate standards. Combine with the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to formulate local standards to form a set of standard plans that conform to market laws and have development potential; third, we must strengthen marketing. Increase publicity in agricultural material associations, soil and fertilizer stations, etc., so that the people can understand the actual effect of fulvic acid; fourth, policy support. Broaden the benefits of agricultural policy channels, provinces, cities and counties at all levels of joint use of funds to support the development of the fulvic acid industry; five to vigorously promote. Soil and fertilizer stations focus on promoting activities, and relevant experts should provide technical guidance and make full use of publicity elements.

Chen Ping, deputy secretary of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee, Liu Chunhua, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Gaotang County Party Committee, Guo Jianmin, deputy mayor, Zhang Ying, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, accompanied the event.

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