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CCTV News Broadcast In-depth Report on Shandong Papermaking Environmental Protection Effectiveness "Spring Forest Model" as a Typical Green Development Model

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On the evening of February 27, CCTV's "News Broadcast", with the title of "Strict Environmental Protection Standards Forcing Shandong's Industrial Reform", reported in depth that Shandong's paper industry has been a major polluter, implementing stricter environmental protection standards year by year, and forcing enterprises to innovate in science and technology., Transformation and upgrading, promoted the experience of industrial transformation, in which the "Quanlin Model" was used as a typical case for key reports.
"News Broadcast" focuses on the transformation and development of Quanlin under the "strictest environmental protection standards", and deeply interprets the process of Quanlin driving green development with innovation, relying on more than 180 domestic and international patented technologies independently developed, turning world-class difficult straw pulp and paper into a high-tech industry, and opening paper mills to the United States, where environmental protection standards are very stringent.

In recent years, the central media has reported on Quanlin Group many times, showing that under the new normal, Quanlin Group has changed the traditional papermaking mode through scientific and technological innovation, constantly breaking through the bottleneck of the industry, innovating and developing new equipment, new processes and new products, and making every effort to create a strategic emerging industry of high-value comprehensive utilization of straw!

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