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Unifying Thoughts, Firming Confidence and Making Full Efforts to Build Strategic Emerging Industries of Quanlin Straw-Quanlin Group Convenes 2016 Work Conference

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A year's plan lies in spring. On February 13 (the sixth day of the first month), the group company organized the 2016 work conference to study and deploy the business management work for the new year. The meeting was presided over by Ren Lihua, deputy general manager of the group. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the group, made an important speech. The heads of some systems and subsidiaries and representatives of cultural paper, household paper and fertilizer sales made speeches.




At the meeting, the speakers systematically summarized the work of their own units or posts in 2015, deeply analyzed the existing problems, and put forward specific working ideas and measures to complete the 2016 targets and tasks.

Speech by Chairman Li Hongfa


Vice President Ren Lihua presided over the meeting





    In his speech at the meeting, Chairman Li Hongfa comprehensively summarized and reviewed the work of the group in the past year, scientifically analyzed the opportunities and situations facing the current enterprise development, and arranged the goals and tasks for this year. The meeting pointed out that under the current situation of weak global economic recovery and sluggish domestic and foreign economies, enterprises must not only rely on excellent products and correct marketing strategies, but also rely on the group. Under the unified and fine financial management, marketing management and procurement management, it is also necessary to rely on the confidence and courage of the company to unite as one, work hard and overcome difficulties. The meeting called on all employees to further unify their thinking and understanding, strengthen their belief in victory, eliminate all difficulties, innovate management models, and work hard to build a strategic emerging industry of Quanlin straw.

More than 500 representatives of middle-level and above cadres from various systems and subsidiaries, marketing business and other positions attended the meeting.



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