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The technical achievements of Quanlin Group were included in the national key promotion of low-carbon technology catalog.

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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the second batch of "National Key Low-Carbon Technology Catalogue". Quanlin Group's "Straw Clean Pulping and Waste Liquid Fertilizer Resource Utilization Technology" was successfully selected, which is one of the two carbon sink technologies. one.

"Straw Clean Pulping and Waste Liquid Fertilizer Resource Utilization Technology" is independently developed by Quanlin Group. It mainly aims at the characteristics of straw fiber. Through hammer preparation, ammonia replacement cooking, mechanical dredging-oxygen delignification and other processes, it realizes efficient lignin removal, reduces the viscosity of black liquor and improves the extraction rate of black liquor, forming a natural color pulp and paper product manufacturing technology suitable for straw. At the same time, extraction of straw lignin, trace elements and other production of fulvic acid fertilizer, to achieve full-efficiency utilization of straw and straw scientific return to the field. The technology contains 14 national invention patents and won the 2012 "National Technology Invention Award", which is the highest national technology invention award in the paper industry so far.

This technology provides an effective solution for systematically solving the increasingly severe resource and environmental problems faced by our country, and effectively ensuring my country's food security, food source security, environmental security and paper industry security, especially in promoting carbon emission reduction. It has a significant role in promoting carbon emission reduction. It can effectively achieve multiple carbon emission reduction effects such as reducing straw burning or piled pollution, replacing wood papermaking, reducing the amount of fertilizers and pesticides, and increasing grain production, to make an important contribution to the realization of national carbon emission reduction targets.

It is reported that the "Catalogue" released this time involves 12 industries including machinery, electricity, building materials, and forestry, covering new energy and renewable resources, fuel and raw material substitution, technological processes and other non-carbon dioxide emission reduction, carbon capture, utilization and storage, A total of 29 low-carbon technologies promoted by the state in areas such as carbon sinks.

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