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Strong and Strong Joint and Complementary Advantages to Realize Seamless Docking of Industry-University-Research Institute Strategic Cooperation between Quanlin Group and Shannong University to Push the Development of Fulvic Acid Industry

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On January 7, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Quanlin Group and Shandong Agricultural University was held in Quanlin Hotel. Wen Fujiang, member of the standing Committee of the National people's Congress, vice chairman of the standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial people's Congress, member of the Central standing Committee of the Democratic League, chairman of the Democratic League, and president of Shandong Agricultural University, Song Junji, deputy secretary of the Liaocheng Municipal CPC Committee, Gao Hongyan, secretary general of the municipal government, Wang Fuxiang, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate Zhang Ying, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, attended the signing ceremony.

At the meeting, the two sides respectively introduced the basic situation of Quanlin Group and Shandong Agricultural University, and held talks on cooperation in various fields and scientific and technological docking. Li Hongfa briefly introduced the main content and industrialization value of the "Spring Forest Model" for comprehensive utilization of straw, and emphasized the role of Spring Forest Fulvic Acid Fertilizer in promoting crop quality and production, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring food source safety, improving soil, and promoting carbon The significance of reducing emissions and other aspects expressed the hope that the two parties will further deepen strategic cooperation, work together to expand and strengthen this sunrise industry that benefits the country and the people, and create a new situation of fulvic acid.

Wen Fujiang spoke highly of the development model of comprehensive utilization of spring forest straw. He said that this model is in line with the needs of the national industrial strategy and the policy direction of chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction and carbon emission reduction. There is huge room for development, especially the obvious advantages of fulvic acid products, broad market prospects, and immeasurable value and significance. He hopes that both parties will work together. Work hard to further deepen comprehensive cooperation in various fields, jointly promote the development of fulvic acid industry, and contribute more to the development of efficient ecological agriculture.

In order to implement the innovation-driven strategy, in-depth development of industry-university-research cooperation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and realize the grafting and complementarity of resource advantages, technological advantages, and industrial advantages in strategic development, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will cooperate to establish the "Shandong Agricultural University Quanlin Fulvic Acid Fertilizer Engineering Laboratory", relying on the laboratory to carry out research and development, application and related evaluation of fulvic acid fertilizer, organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer; joint declaration and implementation of various scientific research projects at all levels around the overall plan of national and regional industrial development; joint development of comprehensive treatment and utilization of papermaking wastewater, and planning layout and comprehensive development of surrounding wetland ecological construction; cooperate to cultivate high-level talents urgently needed for enterprise development, jointly declare scientific and technological innovation platforms at or above the provincial level, and jointly build teaching and scientific research practice bases.

Wen Fujiang and his party also visited the company's environmental protection general discharge, fertilizer exhibition hall and other places.

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