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New Year's Day dedication

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The sun and the moon are like a fleeting moment. When time carves new annual rings, the splendor of 2015 is gradually fixed as an unforgettable memory, and 2016 new expectations and new hopes are surging in our hearts.

Over the past year, covered with thorns and flowers, leaving the spring forest people deep struggle mark. The severe economic environment and the depressed paper industry market not only test the operation ability of enterprises, but also sharpen the responsibility and innovative spirit of Quanlin people. However, the difficulties make us more united and work hard; only the progress makes us confident and firm. The persistent spring forest people move forward with heavy burdens, stick to them in hardships and change in perseverance.

This year, quanlinke hard to forge ahead, broad axe reform. New breakthroughs have been made in some development bottlenecks, and new progress has been made in reforms in some important areas. Cost control and incentive, management promotion platform, cultural paper full staff marketing, fulvic acid "farmer's home" marketing model... A series of reform measures that touch the deep drawbacks and break the institutional barriers, a series of development platforms that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and stimulate the vitality of employees, a series of specific measures to strengthen market competitiveness and improve profitability, brick by brick, build a broad platform for Quanlin's "mass entrepreneurship and innovation, inject strong impetus to the development of employees and enterprises.

This year, spring forest marketing for the king, fruitful. The marketing of leading products such as natural color cultural paper, natural color household paper, natural color food packaging boxes, and fulvic acid fertilizer all showed a good trend of growth against the trend, with total sales increasing by more than 20%. Especially during the "double 11" period, "Quanlin's true color" household paper achieved one-day online sales 28 million, once again setting a new record for one-day online marketing volume. Every bit of achievement embodies the majestic strength of the unity and struggle of all Quanlin people, and the magnificent answer sheet indicates the infinite possibility of Quanlin striding forward.

This year, the spring forest high-spirited, sonorous forward. The Central Policy Research Office, the State Council Research Office, the State Council Counselor's Office and other national think tanks and think tank teams have come to the enterprise to dig for gold, urging the "Spring Forest Model" to be incorporated into the national strategy and widely promoted. The Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other central ministries and provincial party committee leaders, as well as Chen Kefu, Yuan Longping and other national academicians, highly affirmed the "Spring Forest Model" Spring Forest Model "and strongly supported the development, the U.S. production base successfully laid the foundation, Quanlin domestic project layout is in the ascendant, the international layout is also a smooth start. Every support proves that Quanlin has more room for development; every effort has accumulated a better position for the industry to become bigger and stronger.

Difficulties and hardships, Yuru Yu Cheng. The wind and rain ahead, the applause on the road, and the unremitting struggle of Quanlin people complement each other, which not only engraves the mark of the times, but also marks the spirit and feelings of Quanlin people. From suffering to glory, from self-reliance to self-improvement. Standing at the 2016, standing at the important node of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the factory, we once again bid farewell to the yesterday full of struggle and embark on a new journey to realize our dreams.

On the way to dream, there are both opportunities and challenges. Today's Quanlin faces not only the clear policy dividends and broad prospects, but also the fetters of "one penny is a thousand fathoms. Therefore, we must have the sense of urgency of "seizing the day and night", the tenacity of "rope sawing and wood breaking", and the passion and wisdom of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Enterprises and employees are an unbreakable community of interests and a community of destiny. Only by unifying thoughts and actions into the company's decision-making and deployment, strengthening confidence, breaking selfishness, working hard, pioneering and innovating, and using the sparks of tens of thousands of Quanlin people to light up the light of hope in Quanlin, can we create a bright future for individuals, families and enterprises.

A drop of water will not dry up until it merges into rivers, lakes and seas. Personal dreams, integration into enterprise dreams and home country dreams will be wonderful and gorgeous. At the critical moment of Quanlin's development, how much responsibility you have, how much career you can achieve; how much you can do, how much stage you can have.

After breaking through the wind, frost and fog, what we expect will eventually come.

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