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Zhang Laiwu, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, visited Quanlin Group

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 12Month 13On the same day, Zhang Laiwu, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, visited Quanlin Group. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, and Zhou Hengmin, deputy general manager of the project, accompanied the event.

Zhang Laiwu and his entourage visited Quanlin Group's Quanjuyuan Intelligent Greenhouse, Environmental Protection General Row, Product Exhibition Hall and other places successively. They learned in detail about the comprehensive utilization mode and characteristic products of Quanlin straw, and listened to Li Hongfa's report on the development and significance of enterprise scientific and technological innovation and straw comprehensive utilization industry.

Zhang Laiwu spoke highly of Quanlin's scientific and technological innovation ability and straw comprehensive utilization development model. He pointed out that the "spring forest model" not only solves the pollution problems of straw pulp and paper making and straw burning, produces significant economic benefits, but also promotes the development of modern agriculture. It is an ecological development model with high scientific and technological content, great promotion value and high compatibility with national policies.

During the investigation, Zhang Laiwu also fully affirmed the characteristic advantages and market prospects of natural color series paper products, fulvic acid fertilizers and organic vegetables grown with them as nutrient solutions, and placed ardent expectations on the development of Quanlin. He hoped that Quanlin would further increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the pace of development, make the enterprise bigger and stronger as soon as possible, and make greater contributions to social and economic development.

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Tranlin Group

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