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Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, commented that the "Spring Forest Model" is fully in line with the goal of "one control, two reduction and three basic" in China's agricultural development.

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June 15From January to 16th, the National Conference on Modern Animal Husbandry Construction was held in Liaocheng. As a unique typical enterprise of comprehensive utilization of agricultural by-products in our province, the meeting specially arranged Quanlin Group to set up a product display stand to promote and promote to the participants. Han Changfu, Minister of the State Ministry of Agriculture, went to our company's display desk to learn more about the development of the company's straw comprehensive utilization industry. Governor Guo Shuqing, Vice Governor Zhao Runtian, Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Jingyan, Mayor Wang Zhonglin, and the company's deputy general manager Jia Minghao accompanied the activities.

At 7: 00 a.m. on the 15th, before breakfast, Minister Han Changfu and his party came to visit the booth of Quanlin Group. In front of the booth, from straw raw materials to straw natural color pulp, to natural color series of paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer and balcony vegetables grown with it as nutrient solution, Minister Han listened and watched, and asked questions from time to time to learn more about various products and the overall development of enterprises.

Seeing a wide range of products produced with straw as raw material, Minister Han Changfu nodded again and again, praising Quanlin for bringing the value of a small straw to the extreme and realizing the in-depth development of straw resources with high added value. "Our'Quanlin Color' household paper is not bleached and does not contain dioxin. It has low-carbon environmental protection characteristics and food-grade safety performance. In addition to traditional categories such as napkins, kitchen paper, toilet paper, etc., It is also used as cow nipple wipe paper. This soft, water-absorbent and dioxin-free food-grade household paper sets up a safety barrier for the hygiene and safety of milk." The explanation given by Vice President Jia Minghao of Quanlin Group further deepened Minister Han Changfu's deep impression on the production technology of Quanlin's natural series of paper products. When I saw the teaching materials printed with Quanlin natural color culture paper, and learned that the Shandong provincial college entrance examination papers for six consecutive years using Quanlin natural color culture paper, Minister Han Changfu pointed to the natural color culture paper about "eye protection" slogan, excitedly said: "protect the eyes, this effect is very good. Now many children wear glasses, this natural color paper is not bleached, both environmentally friendly and healthy, conducive to protecting children's eyesight." In the exhibition area of fulvic acid fertilizer and balcony vegetables of the company, Minister Han inquired in detail about the production technology and product advantages of fulvic acid in Quanlinjia, as well as the test and market promotion in balcony vegetables, cash crops, field crops and other agricultural products, and showed great interest in the role of fulvic acid fertilizer in improving soil, increasing crop yield, improving crop quality and reducing the pollution of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the ecological environment, the patent technology of fulvic acid fertilizer, the application range of fertilizer and the data of yield increase were inquired in detail.

At the end of the visit, Minister Han Changfu made a brief and powerful evaluation of Quanlin's work. He pointed out that the comprehensive utilization model of Quanlin straw industrialization is fully in line with the goal of "one control, two reduction and three basics" in my country's agricultural development. Especially in the reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the "second reduction", the "spring forest model" will play a great role. At the same time, the production of paper products and fulvic acid fertilizer from straw is also in line with the direction of "basic resource utilization of crop straw" in the "three basics". The efficient use of straw not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also produces significant economic benefits. it also promotes the development of modern agriculture. He hoped that Quanlin would further accelerate the pace of development, increase product promotion, and make greater contributions to accelerating the development of modern agriculture, ensuring food security, and protecting the natural environment on which mankind depends.


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