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Two Sessions Talk about Environmental Protection Paper Spring Forest Paper Releases New Products in Beijing

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Haze survey film "under the dome", detonated the country's high attention to air pollution. Coincides with the annual National Two Sessions, environmental protection has become a hot topic of the two sessions. In this context, as an enterprise has the responsibility to protect our living environment while developing rapidly, which Quanlin Group has done. During the two sessions, environmental protection innovative enterprise Quanlin Group vigorously developedSpring Forest Green BusinessHand in hand with the household paper industry for environmental protection.



3Month6day,Walk hand in hand, return to the true colorsfor the theme,Quanlin Group held a grand launch of Quanlin's true colors and new products in Beijing. At the press conference, Mr. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, gave an in-depth explanation of Quanlin YiOne grass for three usesandResource utilization of pollutants in production processAs the main content of the circular economy industry model, agricultural straw as raw material, do not cut down a tree, the pollutants in the production process can be converted into fertilizer and water reuse, causing widespread concern in the industry and the majority of media friends. Cao Zhenlei, member of the China Paper Association, specifically pointed out:Quanlin uses the raw fiber resources of straw to develop a variety of fiber products such as natural cultural paper, natural life paper and natural food medical packaging boxes. It can be said with pride that Quanlin's natural technology has excellent economic, social and environmental benefits.!.






It is reported that at the press conference, in order to make the image of the brand more vivid and vivid, Quanlin Group adopted the image of the newly upgraded Scarecrow cartoon characters in the upgraded version of the product packaging. Breaking the traditional display combination method, using the same product, different placement of the outer packaging combination method, forming a complete and creative picture, very original ecological artistic sense.



Technological Innovation to Create Spring Forest Paper



It is understood that Quanlin Group is the only enterprise in China that has the technology of making native paper with straw pulp. Quanlin Group has developed natural culture paper, natural life paper and natural food medical packaging box by applying the new technology of straw cleaning pulping independently innovated by the enterprise. The production process adopts a special process of independent innovation, cancels the bleaching section, avoids the impact on the environment to the greatest extent, and the great harm of fluorescent whitening agents to the human body, and saves energy and reduces consumption. It is a real low-carbon health product.



Quanlin natural color paper mainly includes natural color culture paper, natural color life paper, natural color medical food packaging, etc. Natural color culture paper is used as teaching auxiliary printing, can protect students' eyesight;The current college entrance examination papers and a number of well-known publishing groups are using Quanlin's natural culture paper. Natural medical food packaging, biodegradable and renewable, healthy and environmentally friendly, can avoid the unhealthy factors of plastic packaging produced by petroleum as raw material.





In particular, the brand-new Quanlin Group released in this activity2.0The new packaging of the version of household paper includes 15 single items such as roll paper, paper drawing and maternal and infant series. Natural no bleaching, no carcinogen residue, non-toxic harmless, and the product is naturally flexible, comfortable texture, no chips, no powder, strong water absorption, is a high quality, pure natural green health and environmental protection products. Through China, the United StatesFDAand the European UnionAPThree major food-grade testing, quality is guaranteed, so it is safer to use. In this regard, Huang Libiao, former president of the China Women's Daily of the all-China Women's Federation and director of the organizing committee of the China Happy Family series, said:Quanlin natural color paper is in line with the whole Chinese women and children's health paper needs.In fact, as early20Century90In the 1990 s, European and American countries have popularized the use of hazel healthy native color paper as napkins in public catering places. The development of native color paper not only conforms to the development trend of China's future household paper, but also is the most suitable healthy household paper for Chinese families. Love your family by using native color paper for your family.!



Quanlin true color paper casts Quanlin brand



With the improvement of living standards, people's awareness of health is getting stronger and stronger. The popularity of "Under the Dome" also strongly confirms people's great concern for environmental protection. Quanlin natural color paper is the development of demand. Based on market demand, Quanlin Group continues to boldly try to innovate, introduce special packaging, new pulping and papermaking technology, and make full use of the straw burned by the people to reduce environmental pollution and reduce the waste of resources. it has made a great contribution to China's paper industry. According to scientific statistics, every use1Tons of spring forest natural life paper, can save wood about.30Tree3-4years of trees. Spring natural color paper is a truly healthy, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon paper product. The vigorous development of Quanlin's natural color paper industry has helped the agricultural economy on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has also reduced air pollution. A force.






It is worth mentioning that at present, on the service network, Quanlin Group's sales outlets have covered the whole country.34Provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, in the country's largeKAIn local supermarkets, consumers can buy natural, safe, practical and quality healthy paper, which greatly facilitates the purchase of paper commonly used in people's life and working days.



With the concept of environmental protection and innovation, Quanlin Group has embarked on a road of industrialization of comprehensive utilization of straw with Chinese characteristics by relying on technological innovation. Innovative technology and healthy and environmentally friendly products all mark the beginning of a milestone for Quanlin Group in the paper industry. In the future, Quanlin Group will continue to lead China's paper industry into a new era of paper products production with its own product advantages and technical advantages, and do its best to makeUnder the domeMore green.

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