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New Year's Day dedication

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Another new year, another new day.

For the ever-changing spring forest, time is always going too fast, blurring too many changes and brilliance. What do you remember about the 2014 that just passed?

Is it the rise of brand-new workshops or the continuous flow of "grass carts" in the north gate? Is it the overwhelming demand for household paper orders or the whole upgrade of fulvic acid fertilizer? Is it a pragmatic move to crack down on job-related crimes or the perseverance of strengthening the system to improve efficiency? Is it the repeated invitation of Chinese and foreign investment to build factories, or the endless stream of visits? It is known as the "Oscar" award of China's industry ", or is it the" He Liang He Li Award "known as China's" Nobel "; is it an authoritative evaluation of" subversive breakthrough to solve the world-wide problem of straw pulp and papermaking ", or is it the world's attention of" creating a road to the industrialization of comprehensive utilization of straw with Chinese characteristics?

This year, tackling tough problems and changes are the most moving voices of Quanlin. Some work that has not been broken through for a long time has been pushed forward strongly, and some reform measures that have been brewing for a long time have been introduced one after another. This year, under the complex and changeable situation, Quanlin people broke through the waves, poured the roadbed with sweat and wisdom, and condensed their dreams and persistence into a strong driving force for the prosperity of this enterprise.

Looking back, there are pioneering and enterprising people who know the difficulties, and there is a long-term construction of deep water. From "one grass with multiple uses" to the construction of intensive straw collection and storage system, and then to product innovation and upgrading, the horizontal expansion and in-depth optimization of the "spring forest model" is driving the pace of industrial structure transformation and upgrading. From being selected into "Industrial Cleaner Production Case", "Ecological Civilization Construction and Sustainable Development Case", "Typical Model Case of China's Circular Economy", to being included in "Analysis of Group of Leading Enterprises in China's Agricultural Industrialization", to the upcoming carbon emission reduction assessment, "Quanlin Model" has taken advantage of the rising trend, and its industrial benefits and development potential have been increasing; from the 10.6 billion projects of Gaotang headquarters to the projects of Jiamusi and Dehui, then to the strategic plan of building 14 bases across the country and producing 20 million tons of fertilizer and 20 million tons of pulp, a new industrial aircraft carrier with a compound industrial and agricultural circular economy set sail and started a new journey of Quanlin.

In this world, there has never been a quick success, and there is no progress once and for all. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, every minute counts and the opportunity is fleeting. In the face of rapids and dangerous beaches, facing difficulties and fighting back to back is the only way for us to achieve the everlasting foundation; improving quality and efficiency, and quickly transforming policy advantages, industrial advantages, and product advantages into competitive advantages are the key steps for us to achieve our development goals. In the new year, with greater determination to break through the mindset, break through the barriers of interest, and improve work efficiency, we can open up a broader path and push the company and ourselves to a new level.

The dawn of the new year has spurted out. Standing at a new development node, there may still be difficulties and challenges to meet us. However, as long as we focus on the company's development roadmap and timetable, implement one task after another, seek quality and efficiency, concentrate on one work, and move forward bravely, we can realize the new development of enterprises and individuals. Every wave of struggle will be able to merge into surging waves of development; every beautiful dream can be released, and the majestic power to realize the dream can be condensed. For the sake of a better tomorrow for you and me, let us be full of confidence and heroism, forge ahead with our heads held high, and march towards a new journey to realize the dream of Quanlin.

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