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Chairman Li Hongfa received the "Science and Technology Innovation Award" from the He Liang He Li Foundation"

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(News from this newspaper)10Month29On the 15th, he Liang he Li fund, known as the "Nobel" prize with Chinese characteristics, was awarded2014The annual awards ceremony is held in Beijing. Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of our company, won the "Science and Technology Innovation Award". He is52The only winners7One of the winners from the enterprise, the others are all from universities or research institutes.

For a long time, Chairman Li Hongfa has been committed to advocating the development of straw clean pulping technology and pulping waste liquid resource treatment technology.Straw industrialization returning to fieldThe new model also has unique achievements. Zhu Lilan, Chairman of the Trust Committee of He Liang He Li Fund and Director of the Selection Committee, is on the committee.2014In the annual work report, it is especially regarded as a typical representative of the development of scientific and technological innovation achievements of people's livelihood.

He Liang He Li Fund since1994Year3Since its establishment in January, a total of 21 sessions of selection and awards have been held.1110An outstanding scientific and technological worker won the He Liang He Li Science and Technology Award.2014He Liang He Li Fund was founded in20Anniversary, the jury issued nomination recommendations to domestic and foreign nominees2100Multiple, valid nominees433Name, after preliminary evaluation, final evaluation, and finally by secret ballot2014AnnualScience and Technology Achievement Award”2Name,Science and Technology Progress Award”36Name,Science and Technology Innovation Award”14Name.

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