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Many leading experts in the industry gathered in Quanlin to witness the stable operation of grass fiber vertical steaming and talk about new achievements in grass fiber technology.

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News from this newspaper)10From January 22 to 23, a seminar on vertical continuous steaming engineering of grass fiber in Shandong quanlin paper industry was held in gaotang quanlin hotel.China Light Industry FederationExecutive Vice President,China Paper AssociationChairman Qian Guijing, former executive vice chairman of China Paper Association Cao Pufang, chairman of China Light Industry Enterprise Investment and Development Association Hu Nan, famous non-wood fiber pulping and papermaking expert Li Zhongzheng, tenured professor of North Carolina State University and internationally renowned pulping and papermaking expert Zhang Houmin, president of Qilu University of Technology and famous pulping and papermaking expert Chen Jiachuan, deputy general manager of China Light Industry Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, yu Xuejun, deputy director of the Comprehensive Business Department of the China Federation of Light Industry, and many other industry leaders and famous pulping and papermaking experts at home and abroad gathered together to carry out field visits and academic exchanges around the grass fiber vertical steaming project successfully put into operation in Quanlin. talk freely about the new achievements in the sustainable development of China's paper industry.

The vertical continuous steaming project of grass fiber is the world's first highly automated grass fiber production line developed and constructed by Quanlin Paper Industry through independent innovation. The whole process from material preparation to pulping has realized control automation and inspection automation, with a single scale reaching an annual output of more than 100000 tons.

Through on-site visits, inspections and reports, the experts and leaders at the meeting put forward their own evaluations and suggestions from different angles, and their words were full of joy and appreciation for the development of Quanlin technology. It is agreed that the grass fiber vertical steaming project has broken through the worldwide problem of grass pulping, a subversive breakthrough in non-wood pulping and papermaking, and a great contribution to China's paper industry. This breakthrough is mainly manifested in three aspects: the first is the material preparation system. The drum-type plate hammer crusher independently developed by Quanlin is organically combined with the traditional grass cutter, realizing the automation of grass cutting and the qualified rate from 75% to 92%The leap. The second is the ingenious combination of the grass fiber vertical cooking pot independently developed by Quanlin and the screw feeder, which realizes the whole cooking process of pre-soaking, circulating heating, heat preservation and replacement washing in the pot, which is considered impossible at home and abroad. Third, multi-stage oxygen delignification technology was successfully applied to grass fibers for the first time. By changing the types of chemicals, it can produce both native pulp and chlorine-free bleached pulp.

The experts and leaders at the meeting also actively offered suggestions and suggestions for the next promotion of spring forest technology, fully expressed their ardent hope for the future development of spring forest technology, and agreed that as a technology that has an important contribution to the paper industry and the comprehensive utilization of straw, the country Should and will definitely support the rapid development of this technology. Especially in the context of the limited amount of waste paper in China and the shortage of wood resources, non-wood pulping still has strong vitality and its utilization is very important.

At the meeting, the participating experts also put forward pertinent suggestions on the technical improvement of the vertical continuous steaming project and the raw material collection and storage, mode promotion and in-depth optimization of technology involved in the development of straw deep utilization industry.

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