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Jiayou Fulvic Acid Has Significant Yield Increase Effect in Late Rice Test of "Sany Grain High Yield Project" Project Yuan Longping Inscription "Spring Forest Helps China's Agriculture" Gift Company

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(News from this newspaper)10Month25On the 15th, the National Hybrid Rice Engineering and Technology Research Center conducted on-site production tests on rice with Jiayou fulvic acid in the late rice demonstration field of the "Trinity Grain High Yield Project" project of Shangquan Village, Jiangshe Town, yuhu District, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. The yield data showed that the application of Jiayou fulvic acid increased the seed setting rate of rice.6.4%, thousand grain weight gain rate is2.68%Yield per mu increased58.1kg, the yield increase is8.9%. Inscription by Academician Yuan Longping"Spring Forest Helps China's Agriculture", a gift to the company, and gave full recognition to the cooperation between the two sides.

This year7Month23Day-10Month25On the same day, the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center and Jiayou Fertilizer Company presided over the meeting of Academician Yuan Longping."Sany Grain High Yield Project"The project late rice demonstration field to carry out experimental cooperation. On the basis of conventional management and fertilization of hybrid rice, the field experiment was carried out using different amounts of Jiayou fulvic acid water-soluble fertilizer.13.5In addition to different fertilization, other field management is consistent among the treatments in the rice experimental field. The results showed that Jiayou fulvic acid water-soluble fertilizer combined with conventional fertilization could effectively enhance rice root development and activity, significantly increase rice grain number (seed setting rate) and thousand grain weight, thereby increasing rice yield. The National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center specially issued the relevant test report on the test results.

according to our understanding,"Sany Grain High Yield Project"Advocated by Academician Yuan Longping, that is, in the southern rice production area, research and promote the application of super rice as the main grain annual high-yield model and its supporting cultivation techniques, to achieve annual yield per mu.1200kg, to achieve the yield target of three-point field to feed one person (yield per mu1200Kilograms are grain produced in every three fields.360Kilograms, the national food security indicator is the annual need for food per person.360kg)

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