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The Party's Mass Line Education Practice

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Since the launch of the party's mass line education and practice activities, the Party Committee of Quanlin Paper Co., Ltd. has carefully organized and planned carefully in accordance with the overall requirements of "looking in the mirror, dressing up, washing and bathing, and treating diseases", and has grasped the educational practice activities in its hands, Put it in mind, implement it in action, adhere to problem orientation, learn, find, and rectify while, and continue to deepen the activities.


High-level leadership in all mobilization


At the beginning of the activity, Quanlin Paper set up a leading group for educational practice activities headed by the secretary of the party committee of the company, and on March 27A mobilization meeting was held on the 2nd to make specific arrangements for the solid development of good work. In the study and education link, the leading group organized members of the high-level team to carry out six concentrated studies; organized all party members to conduct many concentrated studies and discussions, and visited the County Party History Museum, the Ryukyu Temple Battle Memorial Hall, and the Guguantun Riot Memorial Hall. "Kong Fansen", "Zhou Enlai's Four Days and Nights", "Jiao Yulu" and other educational films; also invited teachers from the county party school party school to give a party class, it has deepened the understanding of party members and cadres to carry out the party's mass line education and practice activities.


Go deep into the front line to listen to opinions


In the process of listening to opinions, the leaders of Quanlin Paper took the lead in going into the subsidiary company and the grass-roots level to listen to opinions and suggestions face to face. A total of 109 opinions and suggestions were collected from the staff and workers, and immediate rectification was carried out in combination with the actual situation of Quanlin. At the same time, Quanlin Paper held an enlarged meeting of the party committee, and the members of the team talked about their learning experience and preliminary search problems; the county-owned enterprise supervision team also held separate discussions with some members of the leadership team of Quanlin Paper to understand the learning situation and listen to the strong reflections. Outstanding problem.


To draw inferences from one another and go deeper


Combined with the party's mass line education and practice activities, Quanlin Paper has carried out activities to prevent job-related crimes. Quanlin Paper has set up a special work committee for the prevention of job-related crimes to organize and implement the work of preventing job-related crimes. In July, the committee formulated and publicized the "Opinions on the Implementation of Anti-Commercial Bribery" and "Regulations on Strictly Controlling the Management of Wedding and Funeral Celebrations by Company Leaders", which further promoted the in-depth development of activities.

At present, educational practice has entered the second link, that is, to investigate problems and carry out criticism. In August, Quanlin Paper will organize a special democratic life meeting for the leadership team. At that time, the team members will conduct a comparative inspection and carry out in-depth criticism and self-criticism.

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