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Quanlin Paper successfully passed the Wal-Mart inspection plant to obtain its long-term supply qualification.

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7On January 15-16, Quanlin Paper successfully passed the Wal-Mart Supplier Ethical Standards Audit (ES for short.Audit or ES factory inspection), successfully obtained Wal-Mart's long-term supply qualification.


Wal-Mart is an American worldwide chain, the world's largest company in terms of turnover. Wal-Mart is mainly involved in retail, with 8500 stores, distributed in the world 15The main business formats are Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart Store and Wal-Mart Community Store, with 0.2 billion customers visiting Wal-Mart every week. As the world's largest chain retailer, Wal-Mart has the world's most stringent factory inspection system, through the "factory inspection" to obtain its long-term supply qualification. Wal-Mart has extremely strict requirements on suppliers' labor, system, safety and other matters. The factory inspection terms are very "harsh". Many enterprises talk about Wal-Mart's factory inspection. Therefore, it is generally believed in the industry that through Wal-Mart's factory inspection, they have the exemption pass for world buyers.


In fact, due to the high recognition of the concept of health and environmental protection of Quanlin's natural color products, 10 Wal-Mart Sam's member stores in China specially opened the green light for "Quanlin's natural color" household paper, allowing it to enter directly. In just a few months, "Quanlin" tissue paper has been widely recognized and favored by consumers of the system, and the monthly sales of the products have exceeded 140Ten thousand yuan. For this reason, Wal-Mart Sam's Club once again made an exception to give support, that is, to take off other first-line brand paper products and add two more bar codes specifically for "Quanlin" household paper. The success of the trial sale of Sam's Club has also strengthened the confidence of Quanlin Paper in-depth cooperation with Wal-Mart.


This "factory inspection" is very strict. The auditors reviewed 36 types of documents in five aspects of personnel management, production safety, fire safety, employee occupational health and environment of Quanlin Paper one by one. They reviewed the dormitory, canteen and production workshops of Quanlin Paper on site and randomly selected employees for interviews. During this period, the auditor suddenly showed great interest in the Quanlin Environmental Protection General Row, which was not within the scope of the on-site audit. After listening to the introduction and on-the-spot inspection, the auditor sincerely praised: "It's amazing! It's not easy to achieve this level of environmental protection work for paper companies!" In the end, Quanlin Paper successfully passed the factory inspection with the report results of only four minor violations, laying a good foundation for the next step of in-depth cooperation between Quanlin Paper and Wal-Mart in China and even around the world.


According to statistics, as of the end of July, Quanlin Paper has entered KAThe number of system terminal stores increased by 49.14 over the same period last year. So far, "Quanlin" household paper has successfully covered international chains, national chains, provincial chains, local chains, high-end stores, local supermarkets, pregnancy and infant chains, pharmaceutical chains and other terminal stores, and the sales situation has further improved.

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