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Spring gathering green plant activities to see results

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News from our newspaper) in March, spring is warm and blooming. In order to welcome the arrival of the "Mulberry Festival", Quanju Company launched a spring planting activity for nearly two months and achieved remarkable results.


From 3Since January 10, Quanju Company has successively introduced various varieties of characteristic fruit trees, traditional Chinese medicine and green seedlings to complete the rejuvenation and maintenance of more than 2000 ancient trees in the garden area. At present, 2000 trees and shrubs such as Fatong and Begonia are planted along the corridor in the park, and 2000 square meters of under-forest lawns are planted in the first phase. It is planned to build more than 100 mu of grape and cherry picking park, introduce more than 10000 Chinese herbal medicines such as medlar and honeysuckle, and plant cherry, winter jujube, medlar, persimmon, pomegranate and other picking economic crops.


At present, the park has covered mulberry, grape, cherry, pomegranate, pear (ancient tree), apricot, apple, peach, medlar, honeysuckle, isatis root, driedThere are 24 varieties and nearly 15000 fruit trees. Through spring greening and planting, the greening effect of the park is prominent, and the scenery is pleasant. It truly realizes the beautiful scenery of viewing ancient trees and enjoying thousands of flowers, which lays a good foundation for future tourism in the park.

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