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The country's first environmental protection printing paper standardization test and promotion base settled in Quanlin

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(from this newspaper) 4On the afternoon of January 28, the "National Environmental Protection Printing Paper Standardization Test and Promotion Base" jointly established by Quanlin Group and the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee held an unveiling ceremony in Quanlin Hotel. Cai Jingsheng, researcher of the Digital Publishing Department of the State Administration of Press, publication, Radio, Film and Television, Zhang Shuangru, executive vice chairman of the China Printing Technology Association, Hu Guimian, secretary general of the National Printing Standards Committee, relevant city and county leaders, and Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of Quanlin Group, attended the meeting.



At present, China's printing industry has set up a total of 17There are two standardized test bases, involving offset printing, three-dimensional printing, packaging printing and other fields. Among them, the "National Environmental Protection Printing Paper Standardization Test and Promotion Base" is the only base for standardization experiments and promotion of printing materials. Hu Guimian said that the "National Environmental Protection Paper Standardization Test and Promotion Base" is an expansion and extension of the printing standardization base. The base can be located in Quanlin. The fundamental reason is that Quanlin's natural paper products are good, especially in terms of environmental protection indicators. The National Printing Standardization Technical Committee and Quanlin can have more things to do in the future. In the future, the base will carry out in-depth cooperation on promoting the research and formulation of national standards for China's straw natural color environmental protection printing materials, the application and promotion of straw natural color environmental protection printing materials, and make active efforts to promote the green and rapid development of China's printing.




At the meeting, Cai Jingsheng, on behalf of the Digital Publishing Department of the State Administration of Press, publication, Radio, Film and Television, congratulated the construction of the base and highly affirmed the product characteristics and significance of Quanlin natural color paper. He said, "Quanlin uses wheat straw to produce green and environmentally friendly printing paper, which is at the forefront of the world, making us very excited and proud, which is also the pride of the Chinese people. In particular, the natural color paper feels very comfortable and soft, and is a kind of healthy and environmentally friendly paper that better meets the printing needs of primary and secondary school textbooks." Zhang Shuangru also affirmed the circular economy development mode of Quanlin Group. He said, "It is better to hear than to see. This time I saw with my own eyes the clear water quality, swaying aquatic plants, ducks playing and fish swimming in the shallow bottom in the total wetland of Quanlin, which shows that Quanlin has truly realized the harmonious development of economy and ecology, and the natural color of paper is soft, which has excellent protective effect on eyes. Fulvic acid fertilizer is also a good project for the country and people, in the future, our printing technology association will try its best to publicize these good products."




"Quanlin took the lead in developing natural color straw pulp instead of hardwood pulp in the industry, and then developed high-grade natural color series pulp products such as natural color cultural paper, household paper and food packaging. Among them, natural color cultural paper is an environment-friendly printing paper without bleaching and whitening in the production process, and is the third category of green printing regulations (FSCCertified paper, recycled paper, natural color paper) is one of the substrates, and Quanlin natural color paper has passed the "China Environmental Mark Product Certification" and has been used as the special paper for the college entrance examination paper in Shandong Province for five consecutive years." After briefly introducing the product characteristics of Quanlin's natural paper, Li Hongfa further stated, "Quanlin started standardization construction earlier in the industry and is a national AAAA-level enterprise with good standardization behavior recognized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, presided over or participated in the formulation of 11 national standards including the" maximum brightness (whiteness) limit of paper and paperboard "and the investigation, analysis, testing and drafting of 8 local standards for environment-friendly products including" natural color chemical straw pulp "and 2 environmental protection standards. The construction of the base will surely provide a broader platform for further in-depth promotion and application of natural color printing paper and standardization construction."

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