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The Mass Line Education Practice of Quanlin Group Party

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(News from this newspaper) Recently, on the basis of concentrated learning and on-site education in the previous stage, Quanlin Group has further promoted the party's mass line education practice activities, organically combined learning and education with listening to opinions, made reasonable arrangements, and carried out crossovers. Ensure that the activities are implemented and achieved practical results.


solidly promote study and education

In the learning and education link, the senior leadership of the group company focused on the "Eight Central Regulations, Six Prohibitions", "Xi Jinping's Speech at the Enlarged Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Lankao County Party Committee" and other documents, and focused on the "four winds" within the company. The problem was discussed in depth. At the same time, the educational practice office of the group company also organized party members, cadres and activists to watch Zhou Enlai's four days and nights, and visited the county party history museum and the company's circular economy industrial park. Through diversified learning, we should educate the broad masses of party members and cadres to fully understand the important significance and profound connotation of carrying out educational practice activities, devote themselves to practical work, and make new and greater contributions to enterprises to leapfrog, catch up and start a second business.




Do a good job in the analysis of the situation of party members and centralized training


In order to effectively promote the development of the activities, the party branches of the group company conducted in-depth and detailed investigations and analysis, grasped the basic situation of each party member, ideological study, work and living conditions, participation in activities and role, etc., and in-depth analysis of the status of the party members of the branch, Characteristics. At the same time, in order to formulate targeted work measures, better strengthen the education and management of party members, and give full play to the role of party members, the group company has conducted centralized training for grassroots party branch secretaries and party members, which has further improved party members' understanding of carrying out educational practice activities. Enhance their sense of responsibility and initiative to participate in activities; guide party members to clarify the standard requirements of adhering to the party's fundamental purpose and mass line in the new era, and make the party's mass line deeply rooted among all party members.




Listen to opinions and suggestions widely


  4Month 19On the 15th, the party Committee of the group company held a meeting to arrange and define the key points of the "listening to opinions" link of educational practice activities. In terms of the way of listening to opinions, it mainly adopts five methods: individual seminars, holding special seminars, issuing open letters for soliciting opinions, issuing comment forms, and setting up comment boxes. At present, the consultation process is underway. For the collected opinions and suggestions, the activity office will further sort out and summarize, make rectification plans, and give timely feedback on issues related to relevant parts.

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