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Hui Elite Power, Civic Responsibility, Creating a Golden Age of Brands

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(News from our newspaper) On March 3, the company's 2014 household paper dealer conference and new product ordering meeting were held ceremoniously in Quanlin Hotel. More than 280 big customers of Quanlin's natural life paper from all over the country gathered together to participate in the natural event. The theme of this conference is "creating a golden era of Quanlin", which aims to maintain a good sales channel relationship and launch and release the latest products of Quanlin's natural life paper in 2014.



At the meeting, Li Hongfa, chairman and general manager of the company, made an important speech. In his speech, Li Hongfa first expressed his respect and gratitude to the dealers and company employees who have been working hard for the cause of "Quanlin True Color", and briefly introduced the environmental protection and health characteristics of "Quanlin True Color" household paper around the current situation of domestic and foreign household paper market. He emphatically pointed out that "Quanlin Natural Color" household paper is made of straw natural color raw pulp. On the one hand, natural wheat straw fiber is used as raw material to realize large-scale, industrialized and efficient utilization of straw resources, solve the outstanding environmental problems such as waste of straw resources and air pollution caused by burning, and greatly reduce the wood consumption caused by traditional papermaking, and indirectly protect forest resources; on the other hand, no bleaching agent is used in the whole process, to maintain the natural color of plant fiber, natural flexibility, dust-free, no harm to the human body, is a real health and safety of high-grade paper products. At the same time, he further said, advocating the concept of green consumption, festivalResources and protection of the ecological environment are the concrete embodiment of corporate social responsibility and the consciousness that every conscientious enterprise must have.



The meeting released the environmental protection plan of "removing haze and planting trees for ten thousand people" organized by the company and China Green Foundation. Yang Xudong, Deputy Secretary General of China Green Foundation, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He said: "Quanlin Paper has used practical actions in production and public welfare to benefit our future generations, and also calls on more people to participate in the green cause of the China Green Foundation, starting from itself, and creating for our future generations. A good life environment." The speeches of Li Hongfa and Yang Xudong aroused strong resonance at the scene. Subsequently, under the leadership of Li Hongfa and the leaders of the China Green Foundation and representatives of dealers, in the loud and sacred oath of nearly 500 people in the audience, the public welfare activity of "removing haze and planting trees for ten thousand people" was officially launched. In addition, the company will also cooperate with the China Green Foundation to initiate the establishment of the "Quanlin Real Color Tree Planting Fund". By launching the Quanlin Real Color Green Family Action, online charity sale and offline public welfare marketing, all the charity sale funds will be injected into the "Quanlin Real Color Tree Planting Fund" for the construction of the Quanlin Real Color Forestry Base. It is reported that the company has donated 100000 yuan to plant 10000 wolfberry saplings in the desert area of Ningxia to improve the local environment and increase the income of local villagers.



The meeting also specially commended the dealers and sales personnel who had made outstanding achievements in 2013 and made contributions to the company, and awarded the top ten dealers of the year, the special contribution award of the year and the gold medal marketing manager of the year. In the speeches of the award-winning representatives, they talked about their development feelings and looked forward to the sales prospects. They had clear goals and full of confidence. They all expressed that they would gather together for a win-win situation with Quanlin, and jointly promote the "Quanlin true colors" cause that benefits the society and benefits future generations.



Finally, in the new product release and ordering link, many dealers choose to place orders on the spot to seize the market opportunity. According to statistics, the cash orders at the meeting site on that day alone exceeded 25 million yuan. During the meeting, the microblog live broadcast also received more than 300,000 people's attention, 70000 forwarding and 40000 comments.

It is reported that at present, in addition to Qinghai and Guangxi, "Quanlin Natural Color" household paper has set up agents or distribution agencies in other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, including Tibet, and has been highly favored by international merchants. it is sold to the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries. "Quanlin" sales network has now been fully rolled out, brand awareness and sales are increasing day by day.

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